Why You Need a Sitter for Your First Shatter Trip – A Beginner’s Guide to Weed Concentrates

A Beginner Guide

Cannabis concentrates are currently a buzzing trend among marijuana consumers across the world. They are more potent and richer in aroma or flavors than normal cannabis flowers. In shatter, a glass-like and brittle weed concentrate, the cannabinoid content can reach up to 99% in some cases. Naturally, tokers looking for a hard-hitting high would be attracted to such a potent form of cannabis like shatter. As a beginner’s guide to weed concentrates, this post will explain why you need a sitter for your first shatter trip.


A beginner’s guide to weed concentrates – what is shatter weed?


Often called the future of marijuana, shatter, or shatter weed is the cleanest and purest form of cannabis extract. It has a hard, glass-like texture and consistency. A good quality shatter normally has a bright amber, honey-like color or a darker yellow hue like olive oil. It comes with an exceptionally high cannabinoid content, usually ranging from 80% to 90%. In some cases, a shatter can contain 99% THC/CBD content. You can compare its potency to the regular weed buds which come with only 5-20% cannabinoid content. The whooping high cannabinoid content (whether THC or CBD) in the shatter makes it extremely popular among marijuana users who are looking for a stronger and faster high. It is also beneficial for medical patients who can get prolonged symptom relief by using a dose of such highly potent cannabis concentrate. Any beginner’s guide to weed concentrates will acknowledge the fact that of all the various concentrates in the market, there are few which can be stronger than a shatter. Moreover, it provides you with a more flavorful and aromatic experience than normal flowers can. There is a popular saying among the weed concentrates users: ‘If it doesn’t shatter, it doesn’t matter’. This will give you an idea how popular shatter has become these days. 


How to use shatter?


You can always smoke shatter by making a joint. However, the best way to consume shatter or any other concentrate which requires decarboxylation before use is to vape it using a dab rig, e-rig or vaporizer. Dabbing, which is the most popular method of using shatter, means heating it using a dab rig and inhaling the resulting vapor. Alternatively, you can always use a vape pen or vaporizer device that is fit for the job.

  An essential beginner’s guide to weed concentrates – get a sitter for your first shatter trip

If you are more of a flower person who’s trying shatter or any other high THC weed concentrate for the first time, the experience will be radically different. For starters, the high will hit you much faster and harder. The high will be 4-5 times stronger than what you get from any top-rated cannabis bud. You’ve probably heard of people referring to weed concentrates like shatter as ‘crack of weed’ which made them ‘way too high’. A cannabis extract with such high levels of THC can have some potential side-effects when overdosed. Getting too high on your first shatter trip can make you feel anxious or paranoid and thus ruin your experience. Apart from the usual side-effects of cannabis consumption like bloodshot eyes and dry mouth and throat, the soaring THC level of shatter can also increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Naturally, it is the extremely high THC content of the shatter which makes it more liable for overdosing. To avoid a bad trip, it’s, therefore, best that you start with a small dose. However, as experts say it is even better to have a sitter on your first shatter trip. This will ensure your safety while you trip on an exceptionally strong cannabinoid extract like shatter.


Who is a trip sitter?


A trip sitter is a person who accompanies you on your drug trip but remains sober themselves to ensure your safety. Often a trusted friend plays the role of a trip sitter who is also known as the ‘sober sitter’, ‘psychedelic guide’ or ‘co-pilot’. Experts on psychotropic drugs like Timothy Leary and others strongly advise using a sitter for a safe and responsible drug trip. A true trip sitter will help you to stay calm and composed while you get high on shatter. It is frequently noted that the mere presence of a sober sitter can offer a huge assurance to a person on their first trip on psychoactive substances. 

 Ideally, your trip sitter should have an experience of using shatter themselves or at least know how it works. They have to keep a constant watch over you, assist you in moving around when required, and try to make you comfortable throughout the trip by getting you drinks or foods for munchies. Other than that, they need to remain passive and let you enjoy your high. They are not supposed to do anything obtrusive that can upset your psychotropic experience. It is therefore a very bad idea to have a talkative friend as your trip sitter.

 A trip sitter needs to be responsible who will discourage any possibility of a bad trip. Naturally, an overzealous friend who talks you into taking an unnecessarily large dose is a bad example for a trip sitter. A good trip sitter would encourage a first time user to start low and slow and discourage redosing too quickly. Remember, if any emergency arises, the trip sitter is supposed to take care of it and ensure your safety. When the experience gets too overwhelming, they will guide you back on track. They need to be a good judge of what can be handled on their own and what situations need professional medical assistance.

If you follow our beginner’s guide to weed concentrates and get a good trip sitter, there is no reason for your first shatter trip to go bad. There is no need to be scared of the insanely high THC content of shatter. As long as you take the recommended small dose and have a trusted trip sitter to keep a vigilant watch over you, you’ll have a wonderful experience with the most potent cannabis concentrate in the world!