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Bong Vs. Joint: What Is The Best Way To Enjoy Cannabis?

Best Way To Enjoy Cannabis

What do you think is the best way to enjoy cannabis? When it comes to consuming cannabis, users have more choices than before. Some may prefer to use convenient and portable pipes, and others may like to use marijuana-infused products. However, two of the most enjoyable and common ways to smoke cannabis are bongs and joints.

Both of these consumption techniques have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a joint is usually ideal when you’re hanging out with friends for an easy and fast way to share weeds. On the other hand, bongs provide a tougher experience, resulting in potent and smooth hits from your favorite cannabis strains.

It is worth trying both of these methods to see which one is right for you. Additionally, these options are usually situational. You may prefer smoking joints for traveling and bongs for home use.

Everyone has their preferences for getting high. Therefore, there is no “wrong” or “right” decision here. However, there are substantial variations between these two methods. Let’s check!

What Is A Joint?

A joint is a type of roll-up or cigarette that carries nothing but marijuana. It is created by crushing your cannabis before placing it into a paper and rolling it to a heavily packed pyramid. Furthermore, it is one of the most typical ways of using marijuana. Even if there are more handy methods, numerous people still prefer joints.

Joints may come in many forms. You may discover many different types and sizes of rolling joints─ some of which with extra flavors. You can also improve its effects by utilizing several weed strains or blending your marijuana with concentrates like Hash, Wax, or Shatter. Moreover, it’s incredibly the best way to enjoy cannabis with friends which is convenient anywhere.

How Will You Use Joints?

If you would like to try using joints, you must first learn and understand how to roll them. Even though many shops now offer pre-rolled weeds, learning how to roll a joint will be convenient for you and may save you money in the end. Additionally, you can personalize your joints and add a few weeds to them.

First, you need to create a tip filter by making small bends at the end. Afterward, roll the paper all over to make a small pipe with a zig-zag in the center. This will be your joint’s mouthpiece to guarantee you are not sipping in ashes and wheeze when you take a blow.

Knowing how to roll your joint correctly may take a few attempts. However, it will be easy and fast once you adopt it. Once you’re used to rolling your joint, you can now start smoking your weed.

Advantage Of Using Joints

There are plenty of good reasons why joints are the best way to enjoy cannabis instead of bongs or other consumption methods. Although rolling joints may be difficult, numerous users still find the entire experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Joints are ideal for hanging around with your friends and sharing the same experience. Smoking cannabis using joints will give you a satisfying experience wherever you are. Not only that, but you can experiment on your joint by blending your favorite strains in one joint. Additionally, it is potent enough to make you high immediately.

Disadvantages Of Using Joints

Even though using joints in smoking weed is pretty fun and easy, there are some disadvantages too. For example, some may find it troublesome to roll a joint, especially if they want to get high instantly.

Also, joints do nothing to filter out and purify undesired compounds and toxins in your smoke. So, the smoke may be harmful when you inhale it, resulting in frequent coughing.

What Is A Bong?

If you like a faster and more effective way of smoking cannabis, then you’ll possibly want to try bong. It is a potent smoking instrument that often appears like a beaker. Even so, they are specially designed to provide you smooth and solid hits of cannabis in a handy way.

Some smoking bongs come with all types of additional features. But no matter how you plan to use it, a bong should have accessories for each cannabis smoker. They are ideal to use at home when you desire a powerful weed experience.

How Will You Use Bongs?

If you are a beginner and want to try bongs, don’t be frightened. Even though they may seem confusing to novice users, bongs are very convenient to use, and they provide one of the fastest ways to smoke your marijuana.

Bongs come in various sizes and shapes, though they usually work similarly. To use bongs, you need to have a pot for packing cannabis. It is perfect for crushing your weed first so that it will burn evenly. Also, you may need to infuse water from the base to filter out contamination from the smoke before you breathe it. Once you put the water and weed, you can now light and smoke it.

Advantages Of Using Bongs

Using bongs has many benefits, and numerous users find that as the best way to enjoy cannabis. For some, bongs are ideal when you like a powerful high. Their tall and broad formation allows plenty of THC with each hit. And once you are content with its effects, you may put down the bong.

Smoking with a bong is potentially healthier than joints as the water filters out contamination from the smoke. Although it is not as effective in removing toxins as vaporizers, it still creates a purer hit.

Disadvantage Of Using Bongs

One of the most common cons of bongs is their size. While they may be convenient to use at your house, they might not be the best option on-the-go.


Bong vs. Joint: which is the best way to enjoy cannabis? Honestly, it’s difficult to say which one is the best since they have particular purposes and features. If you’re searching for a method to smoke cannabis fastly while you’re traveling or with friends, joints are the best. And when you want a potent hallucinatory experience at home, bongs are perfect.