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Can’t make out the difference between a potent Girl Scout Cookie and an inferior quality Strawberry Banana? This is why you need to buy your stash from a store that offers a standardized rating system. The absence of mold doesn’t necessarily mean that the strain you’re buying is of the best grade. Grading marijuana on a scale of A to AAAA has undoubtedly helped the discerning user to ensure the quality of weed they are about to spend on.

AAA Strains Online

AAA grade weed is very commonly found in most online weed dispensaries in Canada and when your cannabis is AAA graded you can rest assured that the product being delivered to your home is of standard quality. AAA grade strains invariably come with a nice texture, density and aroma. Moreover, AAA grade strains are also very potent although the potency depends on the strain you are going for as well as its THC content. Green Serenity offers you 8 different AAA grade strains to choose from. If you are still wondering which one you need to go for then keep reading this article and find out more about the top-notch strains and their effects.

Choose from the following AAA strains online:

1. Bubba Kush

Notorious for its tranquilizing effects and body high, Bubba Kush is an Indica dominant strain which originates from OG Kush and Northern Lights. This resin heavy strain comes with a thick coat of white trichomes and the buds give out a coffee and cocoa like aroma. Smoking an AAA grade Bubba Kush bud can induce cough while the smell is rather pungent, spicy and hash like. Recommended only for the experienced smoker, this THC high weed strain will give you a typical indica high characterized by mental fogginess, body melt and a desire to rest. It is also perfect strain to smoke before sex.

2. Ice Cream

Yet another indica heavy AAA grade strain you can buy from Greenserenity, Ice cream (60% indica and 40% sativa) is the go to strain for people looking forward to a heady psychoactive high. This creativity inducing cannabis strain has won a couple of Cannabis cups while it can be extremely useful for adults suffering from stress, ADD and ADHD, insomnia, and mild aches. Unlike other indica dominant strains, Ice cream gives you a balanced high without putting you off to sleep. According to users it gives you a clearheaded buzz without sapping your energy while the pungent smell is much loved by potheads all over the country. 3.5 grams of this strain costs just $40 so go ahead and place an order!

3. Mix and Match strains

Pot enthusiasts who love to experiment can always go for the mix n match strains to achieve a customized high. Green Serenity offers 4 x 14g ie. 1 oz mix and match strains for $200 only. Let’s take a quick look at the six options you can choose from: Romulan, Ice cream, Nuken, Sweet Tooth, Purple Death and Strawberry Banana. Choose any 4 of these top graded strains and mix them for an experience totally unique!

4. Romulan

Named after the Star Trek race, this weed strain was created by a breeded called Romulan Joe, a war veteran who was later the founder of Trinity growing scene in Northern California. Originating from the Afghani Landrace strains, Romulan is a super potent indica which is widely known for its intense psychoactive effects as well as its therapeutic properties. The deep sedation and repose produced by this strain makes it ideal for patients of neuralgia and muscle spasms. The best grade Romulan offers a sweet and earthy taste and aroma and like all indica strains it gives you a tranquil body buzz with a dreamy and floating state of mind. However, if you are planning on working after a toke then Romulan isn’t the right strain for you. It is ideal for night-time use because of its couch lock inducing properties.

5. Nuken

Recreational users, who are looking forward to a balanced high, incredible potency and an unforgettable flavor, can always choose this dangerously potent Canadian strain. A cross of God Bud and Kish, Nuken has a THC concentration of 19.8%- 22% and CBD concentration of .05%. This all purpose cannabis strain is a perfect mood enhancer which also offers a strong sense of relaxation. Nuken can help you combat a large number of ailments including chronic pain, joint aches, muscle aches, back aches, neck pain, fibromyalgia, inflammation and migraine. The well rounded buds of this top graded strain will come with a nice rich coat of trichome which is sure to add to its effects.

6. Purple Death

Purple Death a killer indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica and 30% sativa) is a breed of the highly popular Death Kush weed strain. Known for its sedative power and pain relieving capacity this one can be your perfect companion after a stressful day. However, rookie users should steer clear of this strain since it can leave you couchlocked for hours. One of the strongest indica hybrids you can find on our website, this one gives a musky and piney aroma which a touch of pungent upon exhalation.

7. Sweet Tooth

This indica heavy hybrid strain derives its moniker from its incredibly sweet taste. According to some users, the sugary crystal coat covering the dense nugs accounts for its sweet berry like taste. When smoked in small quantities this strain keeps your mind lucid. However, if you are taking a normal dose then make sure to smoke it after work. It produces a strong body high and can therefore be used for all kinds of pain related ailments.

8. Strawberry banana

A cross of Banana Kush and Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana (17% to 23% THC) offers you a fascinating flavor and a mellow high. Although it has a creamy and fruity aroma upon exhale, this one is also highly pungent and therefore should be smoked with discretion. The high which will unfold slowly will give you a heightened sensory perception followed by a typical indica relaxation. This couchlock inducing strain is ideal for night-time use.

What better than having the best high-grade strains delivered right to your doorstep? So if you are trying to lay your hands on some of the choicest AAA strains online then look no further and place your orders today!