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10 Best Places to Buy Weed Online in Canada

buy cannabis online in Canada

Best place to buy cannabis Online in Canada

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, Canada has no dearth of legal, licensed weed dispensaries. You can find both traditional brick-and-mortar stores as well as online mail-order services selling a variety of cannabis products in all the 13 provinces and territories of the country. With the rolling out of the cannabis legalization 2.0 in last October, dispensaries in Canada now sells all kinds of edible and ingestible marijuana products, which have certainly boosted the overall cannabis sales in the country.

The stores offer all types of potent and exotic strains like the Tangerine Dream, Gelato or MK Ultra, concentrates and edibles from all kinds of reputed brands, excellent pre-rolls as well as all kinds of weed paraphernalia and accessories.

However, not all marijuana dispensaries or stores in Canada are equally good. Some has very limited merchandise to sell while the prices in others are unnecessarily high. Also, there is the issue of product quality. Not all the retailers sell AAAA+ graded, premium quality weed to their customers. Where do you buy your weed then? What is the best place to buy cannabis in Canada? Who has the best of the products and offers the best deals? Finding out the most suitable weed dispensary for you can be a little confusing given such an abundance of options.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this post, we give you a list of the top 10 marijuana stores in Canada. Take a look and choose which one suits you the best.

Top 10 online marijuana dispensaries

• Speed Greens

With over 45 years of experience in the cannabis industry and a very extensive product range, Speed Greens is undoubtedly the best place to buy cannabis in Canada. This online mail-order marijuana service sells a variety of premium dried buds, cannabis concentrates and edibles amazing prices. You can get some top quality strains at a cost of $120 per ounce, or even at a lower rate!

• The Green Ace

Another excellent one-stop-shop for cannabis products, The Green Ace is one of the most renowned mail-order marijuana services in Canada. Based in BC, the dispensary sells only top-grade cannabis strains and a variety of concentrates and extracts at extremely low prices. The dispensary is committed to making medical marijuana accessible to all Canadians and therefore takes extreme care in maintaining a consistently high standard for their products.

• Ez Weed Online

Quite loyal to their name, Ez Weed Online makes purchasing your choice of weed very easy and hassle-free. They deliver some top quality indica, sativa and balanced hybrid flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls and accessories to your doorstep at totally reasonable prices. Their website only sells products from reputed growers or suppliers and has some excellent deals and special offers for their customers.

• Green Serenity

For many Canadians, with an experience of over 15 years in the business, Green Serenity is certainly the best place to buy cannabis. The dispensary has an enviable product range and the prices are completely pocket-friendly. Green Serenity frequently reduces the prices of its products so that its customers can get A-grade marijuana at the lowest rates.

• Green Society

Green Society, a Vancouver based online weed dispensary, provides top quality strains and an excellent mail order service to their customers. All their products are grown in local farms so that a thorough quality check can be maintained. The dried buds, concentrates and edibles are duly tasted by third-party connoisseurs before they hit the market. The prices are affordable and the delivery service is efficient as well as discreet.

• WeedSmart

On the WeedSmart website, you get everything from strains like the Lemon Skunk, Cali Big Bud or Purple Wreck to a variety of delicious edibles and concentrates. They offer amazing reward points system for their regular customers. The customer services team is extremely helpful and thorough.

• BC Bud Supply

This western Canada based online mail-order marijuana services has some top-notch flowers, concentrates and edibles for their customers. The prices are totally fair and the orders are timely delivered via trusted courier services and in discreet, air-tight packages. It is very easy to choose and order products from their website and you only pay through a trusted e-transfer method.

• Buy My Weed Online

If you value experience, Buy My Weed is certainly the best place to buy cannabis in Canada, among a few. They have an unmatched experience of more than 50 years in the weed industry. BMWO has an extensive collection of AA to AAAAA graded indica, sativa and balanced hybrid strains for their customers at fairly competitive prices. The dispensary offers 24/7 live customer support to all their clients and deliver all the orders via secure and discreet shipping services.

• High THC

High THC is another mail order marijuana service in Canada that you should check out. The product range is quite impressive and the prices are fair. But what is unique about High THC is that they offer a great loyalty program for their regular customers and several highly beneficial rewards. The customers can avail a 24/7 live chat option to talk to the customer services who are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

• Get Kush

Relatively new to the Canadian mail order marijuana scene, Get Kush is fast gaining popularity among the Canadian cannabis users. They sell a variety of unique strains grown by reputed producers at very reasonable prices. One of the main reasons behind their growing popularity is that Get Kush offers some amazing discounts and an excellent reward point system to their customers. The buyers also get to benefit for a very low minimum order limit which is hard to find on many other websites.

To register with and order from any of the websites mentioned above, you just need an internet connection, some age proof and a valid mailing address. Choose your choice of cannabis, pay them via secured and well-encrypted e-transfer methods, and your order will be delivered to your doorstep as fast as possible.