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CBD vaping

In recent years, vaping has emerged as one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD or cannabidiol. There are different types of vaping devices, both disposable as well as refillable, available in the market. CBD vaping provides certain unique benefits to the users making it a much preferred method of consuming cannabidiol. Though the sale and use of CBD vaping devices are on the rise globally, there is still some confusion about it. How do you vape Cannabidiol? Is it safe? What do you need for it? This post will explain all that you need to know about CBD vaping. Read this short guide and vape like a pro!

What is CBD vaping?

CBD vaping is basically inhaling vaporized cannabidiol e-liquid through an electronic, battery-powered vaping device. When you vape, the battery heats up the heating element or the atomizer within the device, which then vaporizes the CBD e-liquid or vape juice for inhalation. It is different from smoking. What you are inhaling here is vapor, not smoke. Also, in the case of smoking, the heat combusts the substance, releasing toxic byproducts. The heat generated in the vaping devices never burns the liquid, but only vaporizes it.

What do you need for CBD vaping?

To vape CBD you just need a vaporizer or a vaping device and CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil. There are a variety of vaporizers available in the market – some are disposable and some use refillable tanks and rechargeable batteries. Disposable CBD vape pens are no doubt the easiest and cheapest. Powered by an in-built battery and a heating coil, these simple vaporizers come prefilled with CBD vape e-liquid. They look like cigarettes and are good for a few hundred puffs easily.

There are also rechargeable CBD vaporizers that come with a refillable vape tank, rechargeable battery and a heating coil that can be changed from time to time. For regular users, rechargeable CBD vaporizers seem to be more cost-effective than disposable vape pens.
Or you can buy various CBD cartridges or pods filled with premium cannabidiol e-liquid and attach them to any compatible e-cig battery for vaping. The CBD vape pods typically require a JUUL battery to function. The advantage of using CBD cartridges and pods is that you can easily switch between CBD and nicotine using the same battery; you won’t need separate vaporizers for the two.

Not all oils can be vaped

While only the liquid form of CBD can be used in vaporizers, not all CBD oils can be vaped. Some cannabidiol oils like tinctures are not meant for inhalation, but for oral consumption. There are mainly two types of CBD vape juice or e-liquids available. Most of the CBD vapes contain a thinning agent like propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 400, vegetable glycerin or MCT oil that is used to reduce the viscosity of the cannabidiol extract. Normally, these vape juices use either an isolate or an oil-based CBD concentrate. Some manufacturers also add terpenes to give their vape juices unique aromas and flavors.

There is another type of vape juices that do not use any thinning agent in them. These are full-spectrum CBD distillates extracted from cannabis and hemp plants and available in the form of oils. Most of these vape juices come in pre-filled disposable cartridges so that their potency is preserved.

What are the benefits?

There are some unique benefits of CBD vaping which makes it such a popular method of consuming CBD.

• Absolutely hassle-free experience

There can be nothing easier than vaping. You just have to hold the mouthpiece of the vaporizers to your mouth and draw. In some devices, you need to push a button in order to make the battery functional. In others, simply drawing will do it. You don’t need any other equipment or paraphernalia to experience the effects of cannabidiol.

• Quick onset of effects

When you vape, the inhaled CBD vapor enters your bloodstream directly via your lungs. The extremely permeable walls of the lungs help the blood to absorb the CBD at a high rate. This method of CBD absorption ensures up to 50% bioavailability which is never the case with the edibles. This means you’ll start to feel the effects within 2-5 minutes, whereas the edibles take at least 30-90 minutes to take off.

• Easy to adjust dosage

As the onset time is extremely quick, it is very easy to adjust the doses with CBD vaping. ‘Start low and go slow’ should be your mantra. Take a few puffs, then wait and observe. Vape again if needed. As you’ll feel the effects within a few minutes, there is very little chance to overdose.

• Enjoy the aroma and flavor

If aroma and flavor is important for your CBD experience, vaping should be a preferred method of consumption. As it does not burn the substance like smoking, you’ll be able to experience the delicate smell and the flavor of the CBD oil more fully.

Is it safe?

CBD vaporizers never combust the vape juices, which means there are no harmful byproducts that are usually generated by smoking. Also, the vapor is not harsh to the lungs as smoke is. Given that, CBD vaping is undoubtedly much healthier than smoking.

There is very little study on the downsides of vaping CBD. Till now, the evidences overwhelmingly suggest its positive effects only. However, there is no harm in being a little cautious. Although vaping in itself can be healthier than other methods of CBD consumption like smoking, the thinning agents used in various CBD vape juices can react adversely to your health.

There are studies that claim that glycol based thinning agents can produce many harmful chemicals in our body. The CBD extract used in the vape juice can have toxic contaminants including pesticides, molds etc. It is therefore important that you check the ingredients of a CBD vape juice before buying it. Always purchase your CBD vaping products from reputed sources to ensure a safe and effective experience.