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Cannabis For Memory Loss

Cannabis For Memory Loss

Does cannabis for memory loss work? As we get older, our memory starts to fluctuate. Not only as we age, but young people who have problems with their memory retention. Our memory is like a movie that we can replay in our minds whenever and wherever, and memory serves as a student’s secret weapon in their studies. In short, memory is essential to us.

However, what if our memory gradually loses its film? There are medications for memory loss like Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia available at drug stores. Even so, there is a possible medication that is still being investigated; it is cannabis for memory loss. Apparently, some claim that it can be a cure for memory loss, but there are also some claims about its negative side effects. But is it really effective for memory loss? Let’s find out.


Memory Loss


Scientifically speaking, memory loss is the inability to recall recent events and memories of the past. This is often seen in movies as a cliche plot twist, but it’s actually real and normal. This might be a short-term memory loss. This is normal for people who are on the verge of aging but different for those who are young to be classified as old.

Causes of Memory Loss


Aside from aging, memory loss for those who are younger is caused by the following:

Sleep Deprivation


Getting a good sleep or having a good sleep schedule contributes a lot to your brain. Insufficient sleep intervenes in the ability of your brain to synthesize and recoup information.



Not only does it harm your pulmonary health, yet smoking can also harm your brain by decreasing the amount of oxygen being delivered to the brain. Moreover, other chemical components like drugs can affect your brain’s chemical components making it hard to remember information.



Too much intake of alcohol is proven to cause memory loss.

Insufficient Nutrition


Your body does need nutrition in order to function, so does your brain. In order for your brain to function, consume high-quality fats and proteins for good nutrition. Vitamins B1 and B2 have a great impact on your memory.



When you are stressed, your concentration and how you react can be affected. Also, your capability to recall events can be affected if your mind is overclouded by thoughts making you stressed. 



Medications can cause memory loss, especially if you have numerous prescriptions from your doctor. Medications like sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, pain medications after surgery, and tranquilizers are the possible felons to do so.


Does Cannabis for Memory Loss Works?


Cannabis, also known as marijuana, has been scientifically hypothesized to cure several diseases or conditions. Now, a theory for cannabis for memory loss repair has been served. Although there are some states that do not allow any cannabis activities, there are those who are putting the possible medical array of cannabis to the test.

There are several studies that are implying that cannabis can help with memory loss restoration. However, there are also speculations of it triggering memory loss. 


How Cannabis Affects The Brain


Cannabis has numerous chemicals that can help you with your disease or condition once it gets in your system. Take THC, for example. Tetrahydrocannabinol contains the main psychoactive component of cannabis that affects your brain and nervous system. CBD or cannabinoids, on the other hand, is presumed to be able to manage inflammation that helps calm down the pain or the after effect THC possesses. 

Once these cannabis chemical components enter your system, it will activate your endocannabinoid system that was seemingly said to allow the CBD or cannabidiol to treat your disease or condition, which in this context, controls your memory.

The THC revises how the hippocampus in our brain subpoena the information. The hippocampus is embedded deep into our brain’s temporal lobe. It also plays a huge role in our memory attainment and learning. 


Cannabis for Alzeihmers and Dementia


Recent studies state that cannabis can help slow down the emergence of problems like Alzeihmers and dementia. Cannabis produces neurons naturally that intervene between two networks. However, the presumed effects were said to vary in the dosage of each chemical component.

For example, ingesting a pure THC cannabis product surges the possibility of generation of mental health problems e.g., Alzheimer’s and dementia. Another one is ingesting a cannabis product with a high THC dosage, yet low dosage of CBD is said to have a harmful effect on your short-term memory like not remembering what you have heard or said, worst case may appear.

However, it is speculated that if the dosage of both THC and CBD are balanced, it can help in restoring your memory loss. The correct formula of these cannabis components should be done well because of THC since instead of aiding you, it might worsen your condition. CBD, on the other hand, is not a psychoactive component that might aid in memory loss. CBD was said to be a component that manages inflammation, and the one that calms the aftereffect of THC. 




There are things that we can only get to hold by our memory. But sadly, our memories can fade gradually when we age or do activities that might trigger memory loss. The worst part in that is how there is seemingly no cure for memory loss.

Cannabis for memory loss will be a highly conclusive hypothesis for now. It still needs to undergo a wide variety of experiments and studies to say that it works or is proven. However, these studies are exuding an extensive fact of possibility. Also,there is no strong evidence stating that you should consume a proper balance of two chemical components in order to aid your memory loss problem, or consuming cannabis as soon as possible lessens the risk of adhering to a memory loss.

However, if the time comes that cannabis can help to aid memory loss, it is always best to check whether your state has federally legalized the use of cannabis. After then, consult a doctor regarding your plan of acquiring cannabis medication. Lastly, use it responsibly.