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Cannabis For Quitting Smoking

Cannabis For Quitting Smoking

There are many health benefits that cannabis can help with. It is not always about the high feeling. In fact, many stoners are claiming that cannabis and other cannabis products helped them with their health and lifestyle. One of these is the use of cannabis for quitting smoking

It is a fact that tobacco cigarettes are addictive. It is also a fact that the use of cannabis can be abused. However, while cannabis has been commonly used through smoking, there are many ways on how to enjoy cannabis. It can be through smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles. Nevertheless, most stoners tend to co-use cannabis and tobacco. Also, many have gone from smoking tobacco to smoking cannabis. 

For some, the co-use of cannabis and tobacco becomes a stepping stone to quit smoking tobacco. In this article, we will discuss the truth behind this and if it is effective to use cannabis.


From Tobacco To Cannabis


A single stick of cigarette contains thousands of chemicals, which can be quite harmful to the body. One ingredient that is known to make cigarettes addictive is nicotine. It is also a fact that cigarettes destroy the lungs and can cause cancer.

In the cannabis community, most who were introduced to smoking cannabis are those who are also smoking tobacco. While some are co-using cannabis and tobacco, for other stoners, smoking cannabis is a way to quit smoking tobacco.

There are various reasons why stoners claim that it is very effective for them to use cannabis for quitting smoking. Here are some of the reasons:

Smoking Cannabis Feels Like Smoking Cigarettes.


With the manner of how they are used, it does give off the same feel. This can be attributed to psychological factors that made smoking a habit which in this case the manner or action in doing it. Since smoking cannabis gives off the same experience as smoking cigarettes, one can gradually develop the habit of just smoking cannabis and cease with the cigarettes.

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Vaping Than Smoking


E-cigarettes and vapes are gaining popularity today due to being an alternative to the usual smoking of tobacco. The juices used in vapes come in different flavors in which vape users love. However, aside from being an alternative to nicotine-containing cigarettes, there is no other benefit that can be gained from them.

Cannabis can also be consumed through vaping. This is through CBD oils that can also help with anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation.

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CBD Properties


CBD has properties that can help reduce cigarette consumption and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

The use of cannabis for quitting smoking is not only claimed by stoners, but was also a subject of research. There is a research finding in 2013 that relates CBD in reducing the consumption of cigarettes. The center of this research is that the endocannabinoid system has a great role in nicotine addiction. It was hypothesized that introducing CBD can help control nicotine addiction and help cigarettes smokers to stop.

The research was concluded that those treated with CBD reduced cigarette smoking by about 40%. Although this is just preliminary data and the sample size is small, it presents a potential solution for nicotine addiction.

Furthermore, since CBD is claimed to have benefits that can help with anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, migraine, and appetite, it may also help a smoker in their withdrawal phase. If a person has been smoking for a long time now, it will be hard for them to quit smoking. They will show withdrawal symptoms that can affect them mentally and physically.

Cannabis may be able to help in alleviating the symptoms caused by withdrawal. There are many ways to consume cannabis: smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles. Smoking and vaping are already discussed earlier and both of them are mainly focused on adjusting the lifestyle of the person through the psychological factor of habit. The manner of inhaling and exhaling smoke can gradually make a person shift from tobacco to cannabis and be able to stop smoking cigarettes.

However, if a person wishes to put a stop to smoking altogether, they can still use cannabis for quitting smoking. That is through the consumption of cannabis edibles. They are a fun and tasty way of consuming cannabis. Furthermore, former smokers can start caring for their lung health since smoking and vaping even if cannabis is the main product used can still have effects on the lung.

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Quitting from smoking cigarettes was never easy especially if you have been smoking for so many years and consume many sticks a day. There have been various methods and techniques that center around quitting smoking cigarettes and rehabilitate the smoker. The use of cannabis for quitting smoking has been one of the methods that many users claim helped them changed their lifestyle. 

However, keep in mind that there are still various regulations around the world regarding the use of cannabis. Whether it is for medical or recreational purposes, there are yet many studies and research that fully prove its health benefits.

If one is aiming to quit smoking and has access to the legal purchase of cannabis such as in Canada and some states in the US, trying to use cannabis for quitting smoking can be worth the shot. You can smoke or vape cannabis in substitute with tobacco and e-cigarettes. Cannabis may not only help you quit smoking but also help you mentally and physically with its beneficial properties. If you wish to quit smoking altogether, you can still enjoy the benefits of cannabis through consuming edibles which are most likely to be in the form of candies and gummies.