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Cannabis Strains for Sex Life Enhancement 2020 | Cannabis Canada

cannabis strains for sex

Are you bored with your sex life and looking for cannabis strains for sex? Many stoners say that marijuana can give you one of the best sexual experiences ever, I mean with your loved one, of course.

Due to popular demand, many cultivators bred cannabis strains for sex. We all knew that making love while high can improve your performance, but do you know that there are cannabis strains that are specially bred for sexual pleasure? If not, then, let’s find out.

But, first things first, how can we knew that cannabis can make our sex life more enjoyable?
Because of the restriction of cannabis at the federal level, there are just a few clinical research studies that are linked with marijuana and sexual pleasure.

Cannabis for Sex But when we take consideration that many cannabis has been long used as traditional medicine and aphrodisiac, with endurable testimonies of legit stoners and consumers, we can assume that cannabis does increase your libido.
So, below are some cannabis strains for sex that will make your experience a memorable one.

Cannabis Strains for Sex

Opal OG Kush

Washington State’s Nine Point Growth Industries. Opal OG Kush’s parents are Lemon OG Kush and Frankenstein with buds that create colorful buds of purple, green, and red hues. Opal OG Kush gives you a calming head high euphoria and a relaxed, dreamy bliss.

Purple Panty Dropper

This Humboldt Seed Company’s triple-crossed indica-dominant strain is the combination of Matanuskan Mist, Oregon grape, and Purple Haze. Purple Panty Dropper is named for its aphrodisiac effects, and for its deep purple hues with a sweet aroma giving you a euphoric, energizing high. Nighttime use for best results.


One of the oldest flower with its lineage lost forever. Elephant refers to the elephant-size-like colas in its flowering cycle. With buds that emits a sweet-and-sour aroma that tastes like citrus candy with hints of spiciness. Elephant gives you cerebral buzz that makes you creative and talkative. With its physical enhancement effects, it let you enjoy your sexual pleasure intensively and also lets you last longer in bed.

Mother’s Finest

Sensi seed’s Mother’s Finest. This arousing strain is a sativa-dominant strain is named after “Mothers of Invention”, Frank Zappa’s band. A strain with haze genetics, mixed with the genetics of Jack Herrer and a sativa’s buzz and the resin-heavy ancestor of Northern lights. Mother’s finest spear-shaped flowers release sweet and tangy aromas with earthy undertones complex flavor. As a sativa-dominant strain’s distinct effects, this will let you last longer in making love with a more passionate sexual experience.

Thai Haze

With parentage of Haze and Thai strains, you can expect that this strain will give you a head-high, boosting your creativity euphoria. Thai haze’s flowers are bright yellow-green and its sticky icky buds emit a skunky and spicy aroma which is the distinguishable trait of haze strains. When smoke, the buds taste of an earthy sweet of Thai strains. With enhanced euphoric effects, orgasms are greatly enhanced which gives you one heck of sexual pleasure.

Green Goddess

The descendant of Sweet Leaf Indica and Skunk#1, an indica-dominant strain with the blended scent of red grapefruit and rose scents. Greed Goddess buds are wrapped with bright amber hairs that are coated with crystal-like powder which emits the unique “Green Goddess Fragrance”. Green Goddess will give you intense orgasms with its blissful euphoric effects.

Pink Mango

This sativa-dominant triple-crossed hybrid is the combination of Grapefruit, Blackberry, and Blueberry. Pink Mango’s flavor is a blend of berry and mango with an earthy undertones taste. It gives you physical arousal, euphoria, and relaxation that can help to alleviate pain, nausea, and depression. Great for daytime use. This is one of the popular cannabis strains for sex.

BC Big Bud

Big Bud’s cousin with genetics came from Amsterdam. This sativa-dominant strain is a famous hybrid strain with a potent head high. The buds emit a citrusy aroma which offers a balanced effect of sativa and indica traits. Big bud produces “big” buds that give you energy and for your long bed enjoyment.

Last Vegas Purple Kush

One of the members of the famous Californian Purple Kush Family. With its Hindi Kush and Purple Afghani genetics, Last Vegas Purple Kush offers balanced effects of body-heavy, sleepy effects of indicas and intense head qualities of sativas. Last Vegas Purple Kush emits skunky smell and a dark herbal taste. With its medicated Kush effects, having done making love can help you alleviate stress, fatigue and helps you relax.

Sour Cookies

The offspring Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has the effects of the head high, uplifted, mood-enhancing effects of Sour Diesel and the medical-grade qualities of Girl Scout Cookies. The flowers of Sour cookies emits a pungent and doughy with overtones of hash and fuel scent. Making love while high in this flower gives you overwhelming libido with euphoric orgasms.

Dr. Funk

An indica-dominant strain of Bubba Kush and Blueberry with flavors of an earthy sweet berry. Dr. Funk’s compact buds produce orange hair-like pistils that are blurred due to its sugar-like trichomes. As an indica-dominant strain, its effects are mostly on your sexual pleasure, especially with your orgasms.


Gooberry is musty an indica hybrid strain of its notorious parents, Blueberry and Afgoo. Gooberry buds taste of fruity and spiciness will make your sexual experience a spicy one. Enhancing libido and finishing with out of this world orgasms.


Not as arousing as its name, but this strain’s genetics came from Bubba Kush and Strawberry cough. Booger offers the perfect balance of hybrid strains. A fine line of head high and body high. The buds of this strain emit a sour skunk and sweet berry aroma with a hashy, earthy flavor. With Boogers cerebral euphoric effects with physical relaxation, making love and after making love experience will be memorable.

Last Words

If you are bored with your sex life, why not try anything new? One of those experiences that will change your sex life is making love while high.
There are still many strains that are beneficial not only for you but also for your partner’s romantic life.
Surely, you and your partner will spark a new world for you both to explore. On the whole you can try cannabis strains for sex and feel the difference.