Cannabis Tincture 101: All You Need to Know

cannabis tincture

Cannabis tinctures which is basically weed-infused alcohol used to be an extremely popular form of medical marijuana. Users who prefer a smokeless cannabis consumption method should give the cannabis tinctures a try and obtain all the goodness of the herb minus the smoke and tobacco. Making cannabis tincture at home isn’t as hard as you think and all you will need for this process is a generous amount of your favourite strain, alcohol, strainer and a jar. Read on to find out tried and tested ways of making and dosing them.


Making cannabis tinctures


Food grade alcohol is your ideal companion for creating home-made marijuana tinctures. However, if you don’t want to use alcohol, then you can substitute it with glycerine although the end product will not be as potent. You need to buy high-proof food-grade alcohol with a considerably high alcohol content such as Everclear. The high content of alcohol will ensure that the resin from your weed is dissolved completely.  Make sure to steer clear from isopropyl alcohol as they are not meant for consumption.


A step by step guide to making cannabis tinctures


For every ounce of bud, make use of one 750 ml alcohol bottle. This ratio is not only easy to remember but will also keep things simple. The resulting tincture will give you a perfect high which is also good for microdosing. In case you are after a more potent version, then lower the amount of alcohol till your required potency level is reached. Follow the simple steps provided below for seamless DIY production of your weed tincture.

  •         To begin with, you need to decarboxylate your buds and finely grind it.
  •         Next mix the bud with alcohol in a mason jar.
  •         Cover the jar and leave the mixture like that for a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to shake the jar once a day.
  •         After a month, strain the liquid by using a coffee strainer and your DIY cannabis tincture is all ready to be consumed.

Dosing on cannabis tinctures


Once your cannabis tincture is ready, you need to be extra careful with dosing them unless you want it to mess with your head. Newby users should begin with 1 ml of the tincture. Just put it beneath your tongue and wait for an hour to feel the effects. In case 1 ml isn’t enough to get you in the mood then you can always ramp up your dose and go for 2 ml instead and so on till you find the right dosage for yourself. One of the best parts of making marijuana tinctures is their long shelf life. When stored in appropriate conditions (a dark and cool place) they can even last for years. Therefore you can easily make a large quantity without any fear of your tincture going bad. The tincture is probably the healthiest form of cannabis consumption because unlike other edibles like brownies, or gummies, the tinctures come with very less calories.

If you don’t want to have your tinctures raw, then mixing it with your favorite flavor of ice-cream, juice or milkshake is also a good idea. Some users even like to put it in their soup, salad, and gravy! That being said, putting one or two drops of the tincture under the tongue is still considered the most effective way to produce the optimum high. This is because the blood supply beneath the tongue quickly soaks up the THC to produce a better and faster high.

Some users complain about the tincture burning the tongue when you pour more than one drop. This is because of the alcohol. If you really hate this light burning sensation then your only option is to replace alcohol with glycerine. Conversely, you can always mix the tincture with your favorite food or drink to avoid the taste of alcohol.


How long does it take for the high to kick in?


Like all edibles, cannabis tinctures don’t produce instantaneous effects. It will take around 15 to 45 minutes for the high to set in when you dose it sublingually. You will reach the peak of the high at around 90 minutes. However, when you mix it with food it will take an even longer time for the high to set in.


How long will the high last?


Cannabis tinctures produce a stronger and more lasting high in comparison to smoking or vaporizing but the high produced by cannabutter or any other oil based edible is substantially greater.


Why go for cannabis tincture?


Tinctures are the go-to weed edibles for rookie cannabis users. This is because it comes with all the goodness of edibles minus the long wait time. It allows you to enjoy all the goodness of a joint without the smell, smoke, and tobacco. The discreet way in which it can be consumed makes it a perfect companion for a trip with your family or a long bus, train, or flight. It can also be inconspicuously stored in your bag or shelf. The quick onset of the high is yet another important advantage of cannabis tincture. Its effects can be felt within as little as 15 minutes. We would recommend the use of an eyedropper to ascertain the right dosage for you.

Always keep in mind that the best way to consume tinctures (or any other weed edible for that matter) is to start small and then increase your dose as required. Ingesting a few drops at a time can lead to an overwhelming high which might not be enjoyable for first-time users. However, once you are high, you can expect it to last longer than that of a joint or vaporizer.

It also needs to be stated in conclusion that the potency and quality of your cannabis tincture are largely dependent on the quality of the strain you are using. So make sure to choose your bud wisely before cooking your weed. Placing a bulk marijuana order of the choicest strains from a dependable Canadian online weed shop will save you the trouble of visiting your nearest cannabis dispensary.