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Hash: How to Make it and How it can help you | Cannabis Canada

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What Is Hashish

Hashish or hash is the concentrated cannabis made out of the white trichome layer covering the best buds. The trichomes or resin glands are compacted into a dark brown solid block the effects of which are as exhilarating as its taste. Moreover, hash also comes with a tiny amount of leaves and loads of terpenes which are responsible for its distinctive smell and taste. While many like to crumble the hash into powder or tiny balls and smoke it in a bong or pipe, others like to roll a bit of hash into a thin cylindrical shape, lay it on a joint, and add some roasted tobacco for a smooth yet powerful smoking experience. In today’s post we are going to discuss a few easy methods showing how to make hash and also discuss some major health benefits of this cannabis concentrate.

How to make hash at home

Making has isn’t a complicated process and with a little bit of patience and skill, you will be able to make superior quality hashish right at your home.

– Hand Rolling

One of the oldest ways to create hashish, this original method of hash making is still widely used in India and Nepal. The process is not the least complicated and consists of lightly rubbing the trichome rich buds with the palms of your hand. The heat and friction transmit the sticky resin from the bud to your hand. Now you just need to dexterously scrape the resin from your hands to make a ball of potent hand-rolled hash. Hand-rolled hash or charas as they are called in India, is one of the most prized hashish which are made high up in the mountains. A lot of effort goes into the making of just a few grams of this hash. They are made from fresh buds as opposed to dried or cured blooms.

– Scissor hash

If you grow your plants then you must be surely familiar with this kind of hash making. When the buds and plants are trimmed with scissors a tiny amount of hash gets accumulated on the scissors.

– Dry sifting

Yet another popular method of making hashish, this one involves sifting the weed trimmings through a fine sieve so as to make a super strong kief which can be pressed into a solid block of hashish. To make the most out of this method you need to put your weed in a ziplock pouch and keep it in the freezer for the night. Freezing the cannabis helps to separate the trichomes from the buds easily.

– Rosin hash with hair straighteners

If you are wondering how to make hash at home then consider this simple yet effective process involving a hair straighteners. Get a resinous bud and place it in a sheet of folded parchment paper. Now heat up the straighteners and press the paper wrapped bud. The heat from your straightener will transform the resin of the bud into a free-flowing liquid that can be separated from the bud by applying pressure with the hair straighteners. All you need to do is press them hard for 50- 60 seconds and the resin will flow out. Once this liquid is cooled your rosin hash is all ready to be smoked. Although this is an ideal and almost non-messy method of making hash for personal consumption, its only downside is that it takes a long time to make a large volume of rosin. If you are looking forward to making a larger volume then consider investing around $100 on a small rosin press.

Health benefits of hashish

The THC content of hashish is way higher than that of weed depending on the strain being used to create the hash. However, hash being more potent, its effects are more intense than that of cannabis and it is known to induce anxiety and palpitation in the less experienced smokers. CBD is also present in hash just like in cannabis and the CBD content of hash is largely dependent on the strain you are using to make your hash. To make the most out of hashish you need to mix it with a little bit of cannabis so as to get relief from a range of health issues and make the experience a pleasurable one.

Hash for chronic pain

Hash like cannabis provided relief from chronic pain in a number of conditions. Patients of arthritis, neuropathic pain, and migraine are known to have benefitted from hash consumption.


Hash combined with marijuana can enormously help in controlling seizures due to epilepsy and promote relaxation.

Multiple sclerosis

Hashish can be helpful for abating pain due to multiple sclerosis. The THC present in hash helps control the muscle spasms in patients of multiple sclerosis.

Helps to lower the side effects of chemotherapy

Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy have reported a marked relief from pain after the intake of hash and medical marijuana. Hash coupled with cannabis can help lower the agonizing side effects of chemotherapy such as lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and pain.


Hash is a great sedative and therefore can be safely used by patients of insomnia. A hash joint before hitting the bed will surely ensure a good night’s sleep.

Other conditions

Hash can also be used to treat the symptoms of many other diseases. It helps to stimulate appetite in patients suffering from AIDS. It is known to provide relief from gastrointestinal disorders and is also effective in treating glaucoma.

Now that you know how to make hash and all the therapeutic values associated with this cannabis concentrate, it’s time for you to try it out and feel the effects. Most cannabis dispensaries in Canada stock hash and edibles made out of hash. If you are making at home then make sure to use strains like Hash Plant, 8 Ball Kush, Ice, White Ice, Strawberry shortcake, California Hash Plant, or Sour banana sherbet.