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How to pack your cannabis stash for travel

Cannabis stash

Any serious smoker surely likes to carry a bit of cannabis stash no matter which part of the world s/he hails from. However, travelling with weed can be a nerve wracking task especially in countries and states where the herb hasn’t been legalized yet. No matter if you want to travel with a bit of your favourite buds, hash, edibles or concentrates, you need to conceal it carefully in your check-in luggage in a way that will not attract the slightest attention. Keep in mind that the airport security is on the lookout for guns, and explosives – they are not trying to find a small amount of weed meant for personal use. While you should be careful to hide your weed properly, the security doesn’t have time to track down a few grams of weed hidden inside your baggage.

Know the regulations before packing your cannabis stash

While carrying your cannabis stash during travel the first thing you need to do is get acquainted with the marijuana law in the state which you are about to visit. If you are visiting a state where cannabis is legal, then make sure to stick to the local regulations. Additionally, if you have a prescription for medical marijuana, don’t forget to carry it with you. Travelling with weed within a state where it is legal isn’t going to pose much of a problem. But it is not impossible to fly with your stash to places where the use of weed is still not legal. Nevertheless, you cannot rule out the chances of getting stopped by the cops so make sure to know the laws. Lastly, make sure not to carry too many ounces of weed as it is very likely to get you busted. Use your common sense and pack a small amount of a highly potent bud that will keep you covered for the rest of your trip.

How to hide your weed stash

You should never carry your weed in your check-in baggage. Ideally you can hide it in a corner of your carry-on and try to look confident during the security check. As already mentioned before, the airport security tries to find ammunition and liquid on you- their job is to keep the passenger safe instead of harassing people who smoke.

Tips on sneaking your stash through the security

Your stash is going to appear like a nondescript blurry thing on the security scanner. So carrying a few joints should not be such a big deal. One way to safely carry it is to put 2-3 joints in your cigarette packet. If you are carrying buds then pack it in an opaque bottle (ideally the bottle of some over-the-counter medicine like Ibuprofen). Do not forget to put a few wads of cotton on top of the buds. Now put the pills on top of the cotton balls. Another way to dodge the security is to hide a small bag in your boots. Carrying it up your butt is always the most foolproof way of transporting your stash but it can be a little messy.

Carrying vape cartridges

Carrying liquid in your cabin baggage is a strict no which is the reason why you should try and limit your cartridges to less than 3 ounces. However, a small cartridge of vape neatly tucked in your bag isn’t going to land you in trouble. In fact gummies and vape pens are the best form of cannabis when it comes to travelling by car, train or bus. This is because they don’t smell thereby reducing your chances of getting caught.

Carrying edibles

While there is a little risk of getting caught with buds and joints (especially in places where it is not legal) carrying edibles are the easiest. If you are carrying gummies just place them in an empty packet of Haribo gummy bears. Use a honey candy bag for transporting your wax and shatter. Packing is the key to prevent any sort of unpleasant encounter with the security guys. All you need to do is pack your stash properly and make sure not to carry any liquid or sharp objects in your bag.

Driving with weed

The strange part about travelling with weed is that it is easier to fly with them than carrying it by road. This is because the cops often target the cars coming from states where weed is legal. As we just mentioned, always make sure to carry less smelly forms of cannabis while travelling on road. Having a lock box in the car can also help in this regard. However, if you have decided to travel with buds then figure out a way to hide the smell. Firstly you have to pack it in several layers and place it within an airtight container. Secondly, make sure that your car freshener is good enough to suppress any odour that might be there in the car. Taking these simple measures will greatly reduce the risk of getting caught with weed. You can also consider hiding your cannabis stash in the area below the forward folding seat. This way you will be able to conceal a substantial amount of weed.

Carrying in your check-in luggage

In spite of all the risks involved, many people still prefer carrying their stash in their check-in baggage so as to be at ease during the security check. A safe way of carrying marijuana in the place is to pack the weed in clear wrap and then place it in the pocket of a folded pant. Also ensure that there are no other objects in the bag that might attract the attention of the authority. Make sure to keep the above tips in mind the next time you go on a trip and you are all set to enjoy the goodness of marijuana no matter which part of the world you’re at. To keep the risk to a minimum it is suggested that you travel with edibles or vape pens.