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Making Hashing At Home: Getting Started

making hashing at home

Have you ever heard about hashish? This concentrate is considered as one of the most powerful products in the market. It can be made with a slow procedure, and in fact, you can produce it in your own homes. Making hashing at home is an uncomplicated process; you can create this as long as you have the proper tools for it. 

Did your excitement awaken after discovering that you can produce hashish at your home? Well, this article can give various methods for making hashing at home

What Is Hashish

Before going on the procedure of making hashing at home, let’s talk about hashish and its benefits first. 

Hashish is a kind of cannabis concentrate that comes from the plant’s extract and trichome heads. You can find different types of hashish like hash rosin, full melt ice water hash, charas, and flower rosin. Furthermore, there are many possible ways of making hashing at home without requiring much stuff and tools to use.

Three Advantages Of Using Hash

  • It Relieves Pain

Some consumers use THC products like hash to reduce pains. The compound works by initiating pathways in the user’s central nervous system, which can adequately prevent the pain signal transmitted to the brain. 

  • Nausea Treatment

THC does not only lessen the pain, but it can also help alleviate the symptoms of cancer patients like vomiting and nausea. Some cancer patients use hash to lessen nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

  • It Can Protect Your Brain Cells

In previous studies, cannabis and products containing this substance are believed to have an adverse reaction to the brain. However, present surveys and studies show that THC helps protect the brain cells leading the previous studies to be disapproved. 

How to Make Hash at Home: Different Methods

You can find lots of different methods for making hashing at home on the internet. However, we can provide you with safer ways to consume your hash. Here are some of them:


This technique is quite clear. As the name reflects, the hand-rolling technique includes taking some cannabis and rolling it in your hands. The method is usually made up of cured buds and dried cannabis. 

The hand-rolling procedure is one of the easiest ones in making hashing at home. You have to roll the buds in your palms, and you will notice the resin form that is usually sticky. You will know when you have assembled sufficient material once you are ready to shape little circles of hash.

The thing you have to expect when doing hand-rolling is, there are lots of oils and dirt that will be formed in your hand. Also, it is much better to clean your hands before making your hand-rolling hash at home.

You have to note, however, that this process may take a long time and effort to finish. So if you would like to apply the hand-rolling method, make sure that you have a lot of time in your hands.

Shoe Method

In this method, your shoes can be used to press some kief in order to make hash easily. Below are the materials needed in the shoe method of using a hash.


  • Tape
  • Cellophane
  • Pin
  • Kief


Cover the kief using cellophane and enclose it with tape to avoid its frequent unfolding. You cannot use plastic bags because your hash will likely remain on the plastic. 

With your pin, make a tiny hole in the cellophane and let the excess air seep from the packaging. Ensure that the packaging is sealed properly. After ensuring your package, put it inside your shoe’s heel. 

Here is a little tip when choosing what shoes to wear during the procedure; the shoes’ sole should be hard so that there would be greater pressure when pressing the package. Your weight and body heat contribute to press the hash. After 10 minutes, you will have your own hash! It’s an easy process, isn’t it?

Making Kief Into A Hash

Transforming your kief into hash is also an easy method since it does not require special tools. Moreover, you can do this as an exercise because it needs your strength. However, you should also expect a slight stinging in your hand afterward.

Additionally, this procedure needs fresh and high-quality kief that does not contain any other materials to make it easier for you to shape your hash.


Get a small amount of kief― just enough to be perfectly molded by your hands. Work with this little heap by folding it together until it ties into one strong piece, then continue stroking it using your palm within 10 minutes until you see a difference in the material’s density. 

After rubbing with your palm, pack the material using cellophane, leaving it secured and perfectly sealed and ensuring that there is no air inside the package. For the next layer of the package, you have to cover it with paper towels or a damp cloth. Put the sealed package in your warm skillet setting with very low heat. Also, you need to stick the materials together so that you will no longer need to heat the packed hash for a long time. 


Cannabis is considered by many people helpful because it can prevent and treat chronic pains. As time passes by, techniques and methods of producing this are also improving. Mostly, users are looking for other alternatives aside from simply buying in the market; that is why users are interested in DIY methods.  

Hash is the other way to consume cannabis. If you are a health-conscious person, there are various ways to consume your hash, and you can even make it at the comfort of your house. You don’t have to be professional to perform the procedures above. Instead, your simple hard work and efforts are enough in making hashing at home. 

Hand-rolling, shoe method, and making kief into a hash are simple but safer ways to consume your hash. It is your time to create your hash at home and enjoy every hit!