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Death Bubba – INDICA – AAA

Name: Death Bubba

Grade: AAA

Type: Indica

THC Content: 12.5-27%

CBD Content: <1%

Origin: Sea to Sky in Vancouver, Canada

Genealogy: Bubba Kush & Death Star

What to expect: Sleepy, relaxed, happy

Notable Facts:  Created by crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush, this pungent pairing reeks of grass and skunk while the smoke is sweet, earthy, and clean on the palate.

Recommended use: Death Bubba is best used in the evening, before bed, or after work.

Known to help with: Insomnia, Stress, Depression

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Death Bubba is an excellent natural painkiller. Its sedating properties also help reduce inflammation. For medical patients undergoing treatments, and insomniacs, its ability to provide quality sleep is its most sought-after therapeutic benefit. Its semi-sedative effects lock the consumer to the couch, unknotting tension and soothing minor physical discomfort with ease. You can enjoy waves of uplifting energy and expect the chance of having psychoactive experiences.


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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