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Mexican – P. Cubensis


The Psilocybe mexicana is the best known psilocybine mushroom which also produces Magic Truffles (sclerotia). The Magic Truffles of the Psilocybe mexicana gives you a happy and energetic trip, and is the mildest strain we have in our assortment. Therefore this strain is well suited for the beginning psychonaut. The Psilocybe mexicana guarantees exciting creativity and philosophical trip.

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Mexicana Magic Mushroom

What Are Vietnamese Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms?

The Mexican Magic Mushroom, or psilocybe Mexicana is a psychedelic mushroom originating in Latin and Central America. Records of its usage date back over 2,000 years to the Aztec civilization, who called it “Nahuatl,” meaning “god fungus,” and used it in spiritual and religious ceremonies as a way of achieving enlightenment.

Their usage spread into Europe by means of Spain, where the Mexicana holds the distinction of being the first-ever strain of mushroom from which the psilocybin compound was first isolated and analyzed in a lab by the great Dr. Albert Hofmann. This is some of the very first scientific research that was ever done on hallucinogenic mushrooms and paved the way for the years of an ongoing study that ensued.

Mexican magic mushrooms are a top choice for beginners, as their psychotropic effects are considered somewhat less than some of their relatives. While usage still induces feelings of euphoria and joy, often accompanied by laughing fits at the slightest provocation, the accompanying visual hallucinations are not overly daunting.

When deciding to buy Mexican magic mushrooms online, you should dose appropriately. We recommend beginners starting with a dosage of around 3 grams for a happy, easy-going 2-3 hour trip. More experienced users or those looking for a long psychedelic experience should take 5-10 grams.

With any kind of hallucinogenic mushroom, it is always best to start with a lower dose and work yourself up. Exercising caution is always wiser in the long run, but there is a lot to be gained from experimenting with Mexican magic mushrooms and their enlightening and happiness-inducing properties.


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