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Watermelon Sours – 150mg THC – Mystic Medibles

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Mystic Medibles made a sweet and flavourful fruit gummy that is infused with high quality cannabis oil. Every package contains six gummies that are loaded with 25mg of THC each. We carry the full Mystic Edibles selections including Grape Shock, Sour Keys, Peach buzzy’s, Gummy Bears, and Watermelon Sours.

Do not get caught unhappy!

Our watermelon gummies guarantees you an euphoric effect. It is also known to boost and spark creativity and help you unwind from that hectic day.

Uses: Stress|Fun|Pain|Anorexia|Anxiety|Anorexia|Depression
Effects: Energetic|Creative|Euphoric

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavours, Vegan Gelatine, Natural and Artificial Colours, Citric Acid, Organic Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Recommended Dosage: We recommend first time users to eat one third to half of a gummy, and wait 60-90 minutes before considering upping the dosages.

Total THC: 150MG THC

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