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Cannabis Edibles: Are They Better Than Smoking?

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are food infused with cannabinoids (chemicals found in cannabis). Cookies, pasta, brownies, candies, and many more can be marijuana edibles. A recipe that requires butter or oil can be easily infused with cannabis.

For thousands of years, edible cannabis mixtures have been used by humans. They benefit from it for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

Uses of Cannabis Edibles

The curative compounds in the cannabis plant make it a favoured natural medication that adequately diminishes pain associated with different conditions.

Cannabis is:

  • Recommended for poor appetite, weight loss, and pain in people who have cancer (edible marijuana products like oils, tinctures, pills, and gummies)
  • Can decrease soreness and muscle spasms
  • Alleviate nausea and vomiting
  • Enhance sleep
  • Improve depression and anxiety

Even though edible marijuana products are recommended and prescribed for ailments such as digestive and neurological ailment, excellent analysis in these areas is inadequate. The full curative capacity of marijuana is still undiscovered.

Why are Cannabis Edibles Better Than Smoking?

Inhalation of a specific matter either by pollution, coal burning, cigarettes or marijuana has continuously led to declined lung function and expanded susceptibility to lung diseases.

Patients on supplemental oxygen may switch to cannabis edibles when smoking is no longer a choice. For those with eating and digestive ailments, consumption of edibles are a great source of crucial nutrients and calories as well as an excellent source of nausea-reducing medicine.

Benefits of eating cannabis edibles

  • Being discreet because no one has to know that the food or drink you take has cannabis on it.
  • Healthier becausecannabis in food form does not involve breathing-in smoke into your lungs
  • Equipment like dab rigs or lighters is not needed
  • The effects of edible cannabis can lastall day

During this time of pandemic wherein COVID-19 has affected every country in the world, scientists conclude that it’s better to consume edibles rather than smoking or vaping as they can be hazards to the immune system. Aside from this, the adverse effects of smoking cannabis include exposing people to carbon, tar and carcinogens.  New cases of vape-related incidents began when people buy products from the black market. These stocks were found to contain vitamin E acetate, a substance which creates many health problems.

Top cannabis edibles


Cara Melts – Twisted Extract

This edible is creamy, buttery, and delicious. It is filled with the same cannabis oil that is also used in jelly bombs.

Gummy Bears (Mystic Medibles)

This cannabis edible has six gummies in every package that are loaded with 25 mg of TCH. It is infused with high standards of cannabis oil. This gummy bear is sweet and flavourful

Halley’s Comet Watermelon 40 mg THC/CBD Sativa Jelly Bomb – Twisted Extracts

This cannabis edible is used for stress, pain, lack of appetite, and fun. It is best used during daytime.

Grape Shock (Mystic Medibles)

Each pack contains six gummies that are loaded with 25 mg of TCH each. Initial buyers are required to eat one third to half of a gummy bear and wait 60-90 minutes before considering upping the doses.

High Chew Apple

These edibles are handmade cannabis-infused candies. They are hand-pulled using only the best ingredients and are infused with Delta 9 distillate extracts.

Cherry 80 mg Satva Jelly Bomb – Twisted Extracts

This product is great for many uses like sparkling creativity and energetic, unwinding from the day. These edibles are used for stress, pain, lack of appetite and fun.

High Chew Mango

This edible was hand-pulled using only the best quality of ingredients and is infused with Delta 9 distillate extracts. High chew is handmade cannabis-infused candy.

Orange 40/mg THC/CBD Sativa Jelly Bomb – Twisted Extracts

These jelly bombs are high for things like improving your overall mood, taking away aches and pains, and a total sense of calm. Used for stress, pain, inflammation, and fun.

Ouide (Sativa) Edible

This edible is available in citrus flavour and is used for anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Peach 80 mg CBD Jelly Bomb – Twisted Extracts

These CBD jelly bombs have you covered for every serenity moments life throws at you. They are used for anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Pineapple 80 mg CBD Peach 80mg CBD jelly Bomb – Twisted Extracts

This is the best way to heal your pain from a different approach using cannabis. Used for anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Sour Keys (Mystic Medibles)

This product was created from organic cane sugar, natural flavours, vegan gelatine, native and artificial colours, citric acid, organic cannabis infused coconut oil.  The full mystic edible pieces include grape shock, sour keys, peace buzzy, summy bears, and watermelon sours.

Skye Dark Chocolate (600 MG)

These edibles were crafted with the finest Belgian chocolate made from high quality cacao. Each bar can spilt into 12 pieces.

Pot Head (Sour Mango)

This product was hand-pulled using only the best quality ingredients and infused with Delta 9 distillate extracts. High-Chew are handmade cannabis infused candies.

Raspberry 80 mg Indica – Twisted Extracts

This product is used for anxiety, inflammation, and pain. Side effects may include smiling more, fewer rage moments, and feeling calm and collected.

Black Cherry 1:1 40 mg/40 mg Indica Jelly Bomb – Twisted Extracts

Munch on these delicious treats, sit back, relax, unwind and sleep easily. These are used for falling asleep, anxiety, pain and inflammation.

Apple 80 mg Sativa – Twisted Extracts

It is best used during daytime, for stress, pain, lack of appetite and fun.

High Chew Grape

High-Chew are handmade cannabis-infused candies. They are hand-pulled using only the best quality ingredients and infused with Delta 9 distillate extracts.

Where to buy cannabis online?

Green Serenity is one of the online stores that offer cannabis edibles. They have been in the industry for more than fifteen years and have been campaigning for the accessibility of legal medical and recreational marijuana.  The company is dedicated to making sure that customers have access to high-grade marijuana.


Many challenges remain unanswered regarding the effects of cannabis edibles and how consumers accept and use these products. Additional investigation of cannabinoids, specifically edibles, is needed so that guideline makers can be well enlightened when creating regulations regarding the manufacture, labelling, and sale of cannabis edibles.

Cannabis edibles have become an extensive practice and a prominent substitute to inhaled cannabis in the authorized cannabis market. Nonetheless, there are still many questions, including the safety of this method and the health effects that it can bring forth.

The danger identified with the use of cannabis through edibles can be inhibited through the regularization of the products by the use of quality control method and product formulations.