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Vancouver has some strict laws regarding smoking and tobacco use. It's important to be aware of the laws while visiting Vancouver, so you don't risk fines or other legal problems. Learn about where you are allowed to smoke, what products can be sold in the city, and more. Where Smoking is Prohibited in Vancouver. Smoking is prohibited in all public outdoor areas including parks, beaches, and streets in the City of Vancouver. There are also specific areas around facilities such as schools, hospitals, and childcare centers that must be kept smoke-free. Smoking is further restricted from certain outdoor patios and terraces of restaurants. If you're unsure if smoking is allowed in a certain location, always check with local regulations before lighting up. How Many Fines and Penalties Will Cost You for Breaking the Law? If you are caught smoking in a public area or areas where it is prohibited by law, you could receive a fine. The amount of the fine depends on the offense and can range from $500 to $2000. Even if you don’t receive a fine, you may be required to leave the prohibited area immediately and take part in an education program related to smoking laws and policies. It is important always be mindful of the local smoking laws when in Vancouver. Is it Legal to Smoke Medical Marijuana in Vancouver? Yes, medical marijuana is legal to smoke in Vancouver. However, like smoking any kind of tobacco or cigarette product, the smoking of medical marijuana must be done in designated areas that allow it. All of these designated smoking areas require a letter from a doctor that confirms the individual’s need for medicinal use and a valid license. Always follow local regulations when smoking medical marijuana in public places. What are the Rules Regarding Electronic Cigarettes in Vancouver? Electronic cigarettes are allowed to be used in any public area within Vancouver. However, there are some restrictions on where you can use the devices. For one, vaping is not allowed indoors and must be done outside. Second, unlike medical marijuana, there’s no special license needed to smoke or vape with e-cigarettes in public places; however, they cannot be used while driving a car or other motorized vehicle. Lastly, it is against the law to sell e-cigarettes to anyone under 19 years of age. Local Initiatives to Reduce Smoking in Vancouver. Vancouver has made significant efforts to reduce smoking on the local level. The city supports a number of initiatives aimed at helping people quit smoking, such as health education programs and free nicotine replacement products. In addition, Vancouver has implemented a comprehensive smoke-free bylaw that bans smoking in public areas such as parks, beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, and city streets. If caught violating the law, you could be fined up to $2,000 for each offense.