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Weed for everyone – Cannabis Ounce Deals Under 120 from Green Serenity

Cannabis Ounce Deals Under 120

Are you looking for Cannabis Ounce Deals Under 120

A good cannabis-ounce deal? Then, you have come to the right place!

Cannabis buyers would always prefer products that are either the best or the cheapest. Over the years, the marijuana industry had graciously struggled through the bottom-line race of prices. Alongside with this battle, e-commerce made its way in surpassing the physical stores. This leads business owners and marketers to sell their products online at reasonable prices and good quality.

Upon its thriving, online shops have been serving the purpose of making marijuana available to those in need. Through the legitimate online shops, users can have access to various selections of products, give consumers less hassles on deliveries, and most importantly, they can avail of many products that are of the best quality with huge discounts and best value prices. Many online shops are offering a cannabis ounce deal under $120, but you need to purchase from a good and reliable shop with great offers.

Recommended Cannabis Ounce Deals

Here, you will be presented with deals that you can grab online that are under $120. With the discount of 25% in each cannabis ounce deal, you can avail of these 5-star rated products offered to you by Green Serenity. Check out the items below.

Bubba Kush (Indica)

This Indica strain was made in the mid of the 1990s. This product hits its fame in the United States of America for its known substantial tranquilizing effects. It contains THC of 14%-19% and a CBD of about 1%. You may enjoy its terpenes from Myrcene (Herbal), Caryophyllene (peppery) and Myrcene (Herbal).

Highly known for its potency and sedative high, this strain will bring a positive high overall. You will experience muscle relaxation, euphoria and an increase of appetite. Also, it helps in conditions such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

This valuable strain can be purchased from $30.00 – $90.00. If you are looking for that seemingly natural-high with the right amount of kick, without taking out too much from your bank account, this strain has a very reasonable price can be added to your selection. Hurry now and avail of Green Serenity’s cannabis ounce deal to kick-start your smoking sesh.

Romulan AA

Created decades ago with the combination of all extinct heirloom varieties of Thailand, Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan, this strain was considered to be unique and exciting. It contains 13-18% of THC and about 1% of CBD. It has noticeable terpenes of Myrcene (Herbal), Caryophyllene (Peppery) and Pinene (Pine).

It is much known for its potent therapeutic qualities. It has a promising effect of full body calm with substantial intoxicating properties. Its effects also include the feelings of being sleepy, euphoric/happy, hungry and calm. It is helpful when dealing with stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

For only $90.00, you can avail of this product while also earning 90 rewards points. Reasonable, isn’t it? So, if you want to experience the soothing effects of an ounce that doesn’t cost you a fortune, grab the chance to order this cannabis ounce deal now! You will surely feel the remarkable difference between smoking and having that great experience from a cost-efficient product.

Sunset Sherbet AA

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It is widely known for its different names such as Sherbet or Orange Sherbet. This strain is a cross of the popular Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties strains. It has THC of 16%-20% and about one %CBD with terpenes of Caryophyllene (Peppery) and Limonene (Citrus).

This unique strain is effective in bringing about euphoria and focus. It also makes the user experience a happy and uplifting mood. In addition to its stimulating effects, it helps in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, hyperactivity, insomnia, loss of appetite and migraines.

This product is available in a fascinating price of only $90.00, plus earned reward points of 90 that will be added to your consumer account. With a low cost, you can avail of this product that is very helpful in severe medical cases. It is indeed reasonable. What are you waiting for? Hurry and take this opportunity to grab this excellent deal from Green Serenity

Where To Get Cannabis Ounce Deals Online?

Several online shops offer ounces under $120, but Green Serenity (GS) is a must-visit. Operating in the industry for more than a decade, this shop is fueled by its passion in serving its customers by giving the public access to Grade A marijuana for medical and recreational use. Adding to its commendable service to its consumers is the discreet door-to-door delivery. In the hustle and bustle of life, who would want to go out and make a purchase of a cannabis product without the assurance of availing any promo in a physical shop? It is already a tedious job adding to our daily sentiments in life. With their delivery service, you’ll have the comfort of ordering from home, paying from home and enjoying your exciting product in your favourite spot at home.


In the marijuana industry where competition is high, sellers are now offering a low price for each product. All promotional activities and the products are seemingly the same. As it can be seen online, many sellers are giving out discounts with more prominent reward points which you may use in the next purchases in the same shop. However, as a functional product critic, you can recognize which shop offers an excellent and reasonable price.

If you are a veteran of cannabis use, you can directly spot the differences in weighs and specifications of the product. You are also useful in scrutinizing good deals of each product for purchase. Select merchandise wisely and always checks on the availability and credibility of the shop.

Always remember that a good purchase always comes with excellent choices of products and highly rated shops that offers comfort.
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