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Cannabis Strains Daily Use: The Best Way To Improve Your Mood And Activities

Improve Your Mood

The Best Way To Improve Your Mood And Activities

As you already know it, using cannabis strains daily use affects your moods and your activities at different times of the day. There are a lot of strains available up to date that can improve your mood, your motivation, or how will your moods affect your everyday activities.
There are days when you feel you don’t have the energy to do your work, no motivation to fulfill your task, exhausted and want to relax, your temper is high, and cannabis strains daily use has the power to improve those unpleasant feelings.

However, there are so many strains to choose from to which mood, activities and time of the day will it improve the best. And sometimes, if you don’t learn the effect of each strain to the body, the opposite will happen.
So, below are some cannabis strains to which they have the best effects.

Cannabis Strains Daily Use Creativity

Have the desire to be creative today? Here are some great strains for you:

Banana Kush -Banana Kush, a cross of Skunk Haze and Ghost OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has the flavor and aroma of fresh bananas. This strain offers a sense of euphoria accompanied by a mellow buzz. This strain increases your creativity, and becoming talkative, helps to deal with your stress and depression. Really good for night-time use.

Pineapple Express -The combination of Hawaiian and Train wreck, Pineapple Express’ aroma is like mango and apple, taste like a blend of pine, cedar, and pineapple. This hybrid strain is for productive and creative stoners who prefer long-lasting energizing buzz. Really great for daytime use.


Feeling down lately and miss the feeling of being uplifted? You can try these great strains out.

• Megalodon – A sativa-dominant strain with a trichome-rich ancestor and was named after the prehistoric shark. This is a triple-crossed strain, Megalodon parentage is White Widow, Snow, White, and Great White shark. Megalodon’s aroma tends to be skunkier like fresh-cut grass. This strain will give you a head-high accompanied by an uplifting feeling bestowing you a great day. Excellent for daytime-use.

• Mickey Kush – A sativa-dominant cross of Jack the Ripper and Sweet Irish Kush. Have an earthy-kush with lemon undertones flavor. Great for treating your depression resulting in uplifted feelings. Mickey Kush is well-known for its high CBG and THC content. For best results, use it at nighttime.


Ever been in a situation where you don’t have the energy to face your day? Well, these strains can help you with that.

• Super Green Crack– This is a pure sativa strain, you can compare this to a cup of a strong coffee in the morning which gives you a great boost to energize yourself for the day ahead. This strain is a cross of Green crack and Super Silver Haze. Super Green Crack has a pungent, strong skunk-like aroma that can alleviate your depression and relieves fatigue. Daytime use for best results.

• Durban Poison – This is a pure sativa strain from Durban’s South African port city. This famous strain has a sweet aroma that gives you an uplifting feeling with an energizing effect. Great for making you productive throughout the day. Daytime use for great results.


Miss your partner? Want to have quality time with your loved one in bed? These strains will help you both cuddle.

• Pink Mango – This sativa-dominant triple-crossed hybrid is the combination of Grapefruit, Blackberry, and Blueberry. Pink Mango’s flavor is a blend of berry and mango with an earthy undertones taste. It gives you physical arousal, euphoria, and relaxation that can help to alleviate pain, nausea, and depression. Great for daytime use.

• Purple Panty Dropper – This Humboldt Seed Company’s triple-crossed indica-dominant strain is the combination of Matanuskan Mist, Oregon grape, and Purple Haze. Purple Panty Dropper is named for its aphrodisiac effects, and for its deep purple hues with a sweet aroma giving you a euphoric, energizing high. Nighttime use for best results.


Feeling distracted by the things around you and can’t focus on doing your thing? Try these strains out.

• Strawberry Ice -2015 Oregon DOPE Cup’s Best Sativa, Strawberry Ice emits the scent of fresh strawberries with a taste of fruit and subtle mint undertones. This strain offers head-high, energetic effects with great euphoric, creative bliss resulting in an increase in focus.

Sour Patch Kiss -This 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid is a combination of Kibo Kush and Sour Kush, this strain of Elev8 Seeds was especially cultivated to be a heavy-yielding trichome producer. Sour Patch Kiss emits a doughty sweet, pungent aroma that gives you a head rush. This strain offers bodily euphoria with an increased focus while alleviating your stress. Good for daytime use.


Feeling down lately? Are you sad? These strains will cheer you up.

• Sunshine – This sativa-dominant cannabis strain just like its name will give you sunshine on your dark rainy days. Sunshine has sweet, fruity, and citrusy taste gives you a blissfully happy, uplifted feelings and relieving you from nausea and pain while mending your loss of appetite. Daytime use to get the best results.

• Tangilope – This strain is a chocolatey and citrusy blend two of DNA Genetics’ great sativa, Tangie, and Chocolope. Tangilope is famous for its incredible exotic aroma and terpene profile. This stain offers a smoot head high which results in happiness, and giggles. Daytime use for best results.


Tired and want to rest? Having trouble sleeping? Don’t pop your pill for your sleeplessness yet and try this lullaby strains.

• Purple Urkles – California strain, originated from a phenotype of Mendocino Purps as believed by many. Taste and smell like a blend of fresh grapes, skunk, and berries. Perfect for nighttime use as it gives you a sleep-inducing, deeply relaxing, full-body pain relief.

• Pound Hammer -A pure triple-crossed Indica strain of JinxProof Genetics from Jack the Ripper, Gooberry, and Hells OG. This gives you a heavy, long-lasting sedation sleep-inducing effects for your pain and stress. Recommended for nighttime use.

Last Words

There are different strains for your different mood, you can either boost your current mood or help with your daily activities.
You just need to understand the effect of each cannabis strains daily use so that you can have the best result you wanted.