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Cannabis Tourism In Canada – Attractions, Retreats And More! (2020 Update)

cannabis tourism in Canada

Cannabis tourism in Canada is the hot trend now. To enjoy the health benefits of marijuana you can try tourism. The cannabis related tourist attractions!

Cannabis tourism in Canada is the hot trend now. To enjoy the health benefits of marijuana you can try tourism. Yes! You read it right. Canada legalized cannabis and it’s a good place to visit. In this article we are going to take a deep dive into cannabis tourism industry.

Why should you try cannabis? Is it beneficial? Cannabis is scientifically proven and recommended to improve one’s mood, relieve pain or to get good night sleep. Now cannabis is available in different forms, you don’t have to smoke the weed. You can take it as edible oil, cannabis infused beverages, gummies, etc.

We have listed the popular cannabis related tourist attractions and activities, let’s get started.

Cannabis Tourism in Canada

cannabis tourism in Canada

cannabis tourism in Canada

In Canada, the legal minimum age where you can legally consume cannabis is 19 years old but mostly dependent on the provinces you live in, however, cannabis tourism in Canada is a thing today.

You can legally buy and consume your cannabis if you are eighteen years old in Alberta, meanwhile, in British Columbia, you can only legally buy marijuana if you are nineteen years old.

Depending on the place you live, adults can obtain up to 30 grams of marijuana or cannabis products that are equal to 30 grams of dried flowers. It is comparable to about 40 joints.

As far as the regulations of cannabis in Canada are still somewhat controlled.
As you already know it, each province and territory of Canada have their own local laws about cannabis, because cannabis is still federally illegal up to date.

However, Canadian tourism bureaus do not promote cannabis tourism, unlike the way they allure people with controlled substances such as alcohol, brewery crafts and wine cycling events.
Despite the restrictions and scarce support, there are already some businesses in the cannabis tourism sector in Canada.

Legal Cannabis

Cannabis Tourism in Canada is one way Canada can offer cannabis to tourist who wants to relax while they are on vacation. This why cannabis in Canada is growing.

If you are a consumer who wants to enjoy your vacation in Canada, there are cannabis-infused dinner and relaxing accommodation for stoners

However, there are some provinces and territories in Canada where cannabis is still considered illegal, yet, there is still a lot of weed experience you can enjoy while staying in Canada today.

Before you decide on a marijuana tour in Canada, do some research on the laws of each province concerning cannabis usage.

Cannabis-Based Tour Companies in Canada

Even if cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, these canna-tour companies are abiding its local laws, so you can enjoy cannabis on vacations

Canadian Kush Tours – Operating in Toronto, this canna-tour company offers complete packages. From the airport to accommodations, this company creates weed-loving itineraries.

Butiq Escapes- Located in West Coast Canada, this company will introduce you to high hiking and other luxury tours.

Canada High Tours – This marijuana-based tour company brings cannabis-friendly travelers where they can enjoy all kinds of positive and uplifting experiences. From pot and paint art classes to downtown walking art tours.

Marijuana-friendly Accommodations

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa – An adults-only boutique resort in Ontario’s cottage country. Smoking and consuming cannabis are permitted in certain designated rooms and property grounds.

Parks Canada – campgrounds within national parks is permitted for smoking and usage of cannabis, as long as it is at your personal campsite.

Bud and Breakfast – Comparable to Airbnb, but on marijuana-friendly vacation rentals. They offer accommodation from private rooms rentals to entire hotels or complete vacation homes.

Canna Island – A marijuana-friendly place to stay in Atlantic Canada, serve great foods, great events, as well as beverage-based tourism.
Planet Paradise – Also in Ontario, this indoor vape lounge offers Live Dj’s for sporting events, they have ps4 rentals, also have an arcade, juice bar, and a snack bar. This company provides vaporizers for walk-ins which are covered by your entrance fee.

Rolling Greens – Located at Smith Falls, Ontario. A green and serene spot where cannabis and golf meets and the world’s first cannabis-themed golf club

Hot Box Lounge – Advocates for safe cannabis consumption under Abi Roach’s lead, a very great place to chill and first legal cannabis consumption lounge in Toronto. Abi Roach founded a way to comply with Toronto’s cannabis laws with the help of local inspectors. Unfortunately, serving cannabis-infused foods and drinks are forbidden, but smoking and vaping are allowed.

Weed-Based Yoga And Spa Retreats

420 Yoga Retreats – Located at Rocky Mountains of Canada, you can enjoy yoga while high. Meditating and de-stressing while “high” and breathing the fresh mountain air is what this company can ultimately offer.

The Sentinel – This cannabis-based spiritual workshop offers retreats to those who want to encounter the healing power elevated experiences the cannabis has to offer, located in British Columbia’s West Kootenay region.

St. Anne’s Spa – Offers canna-massage in Ontario, this unique spa treatment uses CBD-infused essential massage oils for deeper relaxation and comfort.

Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa – Can be found in Haliburton Highlands and the only Ontario’s first cannabis-friendly resort.
Cannabis-Based Culinary Tourism

The Nomad Cook – As the cannabis is growing, you can’t deny that it will eventually be connected with the culinary industry. This dining restaurant offers a great cannabis-infused gourmet experience.

New Amsterdam Café – Can be located in Vancouver, this marijuana-based coffee shop offers a unique blend of pot and coffee, part smoke and café lounge. You can wake-and-bake while enjoying your morning coffee.

The Green Chef – Can be located in Toronto, Ontario, this edible-serving company serves edibles with permitted dosages restaurant. Tourists and visitors of Toronto can hire this company to make cannabis-infused edibles for their parties.


In Montreal, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Tam-tams at Mount Royal Park in Montreal. This is a gathering of dancers and drummers. You can smoke while enjoying the moment.

The Greater Toronto Area will be host to an ode to the laid back music fest, the Journey Festival, a hippie culture of Woodstock.

Because cannabis is still illegal in federal law, there are only a number of tourist-based companies that operated in the whole of Canada.
But even so, Cannabis Tourism in Canada is still striving, making progress and keep marijuana-loving tourists smiling.