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Choosing Cannabis Strain: Indica Vs Sativa Vs Hybrid

Choosing Cannabis Strain

Choosing cannabis strain can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. You may find different types of strains out there that are astonishingly unique from each other. But how do you choose the one that’s best for you? Knowing the benefits and effects of cannabis can help you identify which strain will be suitable for you. 

Cannabis exists in numerous subspecies and varieties. Farmers and cultivators have been breeding different kinds of strains to make hybrids and specific strains with special features for a long time. Also, they grow and produce cannabis plants to have a definite taste, effect, and look on the consumer and brand them properly. 

Presently, reports on the effects and benefits of these strains come primarily from people’s experiences. Although researchers analyze the impact of these diverse strains on a scope of medical issues, there are still many things to consider a long way.

Since marijuana is more accessible these days, people need accurate, precise information regarding each strain’s effects for recreation and medical purposes. 

Continue reading because this article may help you in choosing cannabis strain which will be perfect for you. 


What Is Cannabis?


The cannabis plant is famous for its medicinal and psychedelic properties. It refers to a classification of three plants with mind-altering effects, known as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. 

When cannabis plants are collected and preserved, it becomes one of the most typical drugs worldwide. Others may call it pot, weed, or marijuana. And as it becomes legitimate in some places, names for it are transforming. Today, lots of individuals are using the word cannabis to indicate weed. 

Cannabis is commonly taken for its calming and relaxing properties. In other parts of the US, it’s also used to help people with a range of medical illnesses, including poor appetite, chronic pain, anxiety, and glaucoma. Remember that even cannabis arises from a plant and is considered pure, it may still have powerful effects, both negative and positive. 


What Is The Use Of Cannabis?


Nowadays, cannabis utilization is typically split up into two primary uses: medical and recreational. Medical users consume cannabis to reduce symptoms of pain, insomnia, anxiety, and more. Furthermore, recreational users consume cannabis for a range of purposes, including stress relief and enjoyment. 

Cannabis carries several active components (terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids) that give a scope of medical advantages. CBD and THC are the two famous components of cannabis, even though many offer unique effects. 


Three Kinds Of Cannabis


Before, only two types of cannabis- indica and sativa‒ were known. However, after a period of time, breeders were able to develop a new type of strain called “hybrid.”. This strain is a combination of the two former strands with new effects and benefits. 




Sativa strain grows better in a warmer area with high levels of humidity. Some of the usual places where sativa grows include South America, Southeast Asia, and Central America. 

Sativa strains’ effects tend to focus on the mind, so many individuals say it gives a “high” feeling. People notice that consuming Sativa makes them feel more focused and energized. These effects of sativa make it best to use during daytime because consuming them at night may cause sleep problems.  


Why Do People Use Sativa?


 There are lots of reasons why people consume sativa. And some of the usual reasons are:

  • It reduces depression and anxiety symptoms.
  • It relieves headaches.
  • It reduces nausea.
  • It increases appetite.
  • It improves focus

Sativa strain may help ease these symptoms because it carries a low amount of CBD and a high THC amount.




Indica strains are generally grown in the dry and harsh weather of the Middle East. Its plants are bushy, short, and dark green. Moreover, the buds tend to be thicker than Sativa. 

The effects of indica tend to focus on the body, which is why many people notice how it causes body high or couch lock. Since this strain is very relaxing, they are perfect for nighttime use. Consuming it during the daytime may cause tiredness.

Why Do People Use Indica?


There are a lot of reasons why individuals choose Indica over other choices. And some of the usual reasons are:

  • It decreases nausea.
  • It helps to relieve insomnia.
  • It increases appetite.
  • It relieves chronic pain.
  • It prevents anxiety and depression symptoms.

Indica strain may help ease these symptoms because it carries a high amount of THC and CBD.  




Hybrid strains are produced by breeding indica and sativa together. Occasionally, hybrids are made from two or more different kinds of strains. And sometimes, a hybrid can refer to sativa or indica dominant or a combination of both indica and sativa. The effects and benefits a person can obtain from consuming hybrids vary on what strains are combined.  

Why Do People Use Hybrid?


People may consume hybrids for plenty of reasons, but most people use them to have both the effects of both sativa and indica at the same time. 

Guide In Choosing Cannabis Strain 


Numerous people consume different strains for different reasons. If you like to smoke during daytime to help you feel focused and energized, you may use sativa. If you want to sleep well, you may use indica to ease your insomnia and relax. And if you like a combination of both indica and sativa for a balanced effect of focus and relaxation, you may use hybrid.

Choosing cannabis strain will help you determine what strain will be best for you. It will also help you figure out what strain will be helpful for your medicinal or recreational needs. 




To conclude, when choosing cannabis strain, it is necessary to know and understand the different types of cannabis strains and their uses. It is because every strain is unique; they come with various benefits and potency. It would be best to analyze them, know their characteristics and their development process to identify the right one. After all, the cannabis strain you select depends on your personal preferences. The possible impact of the cannabis strain on your body and mind is always worth researching.