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How To Smoke Cannabis Wax: A Complete Guide

Cannabis Wax

Are you considering smoking cannabis wax? Whether you want medical benefits or simply relaxation, cannabis wax may be the best choice for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction. 

Nowadays, cannabis lovers have a lot of choices than just dehydrated flowers. With some legal limitations in some parts of the world, numerous technologies have been discovered to mix cannabis with things such as coffee and food.  

Within the past few years, cannabis wax has reached the weed industry by the blast. However, what exactly is cannabis wax? And, maybe, more significantly, how is it created? Let’s see.

What Is Cannabis Wax?


“Wax” is a form of concentrated cannabis named principally for its looks and texture. Anywhere between soft, fluid concentrates such as hash oil and hard concentrates such as shatter, cannabis wax has a non-transparent look and a deep yet pliable, wax-based texture. 

Provided with variables like extraction methods, humidity, and temperature, cannabis wax can have several distinct forms varying from more fluid, watery wax to more rigid, hard wax. The watery end of the spectrum wax comprises products such as budder, which is familiar for being very ductile and mushy, nearly to the fact of being a very sturdy oil. The rigid end of the spectrum of cannabis wax involves things like “fragment” and “hexagonal wax,” which are beginning to address the texture and stability of something similar to shatter.

Despite these distinctions, each wax drops anywhere between shatter and oil. For many clients, this median ground creates wax that is easy and convenient to work with—not so brittle that you run the chance of smashing it into masses of tiny and rigid enough to use parts.

How Is Cannabis Wax Made?


Wax is one of the subtypes of BHO or butane hash oil. It is a marijuana extraction that was created utilizing butane as a dissolving solution. Before extraction materials were launched to the weed industry, waxes were produced by exceeding butane along a tube infused with plant substance. This is an awful idea. Butane Is highly flammable and should be used in a secure and open environment that observes proper chemical control and disposal techniques.

Without these safety precautions, butane can erupt in your house, or anywhere you’re using this harmful gas. Explosions in butane may be due to a failure of extractors. 

These days, marijuana industry experts apply costly control system extraction apparatuses to securely remove large amounts of concentrated essential oils in cannabis. To create wax, cannabis buds are filled with tubes and then flamed with butane. The contact with butane detaches marijuana resin from undesired plant substance. After the first extraction, too much butane should be vaporized out of the concentrate. 

How Is Cannabis Wax Consumed?


Cannabis wax is taken by vaporizing the concentrate of a little dab with an exceptional bong and then by inhaling its smoke. A dab rig can be in many forms and is not much distinct from a normal cannabis bong; however, the vaporizer has some extra portions you must understand about. There are two fundamental variations between a normal bong and a dab rig: the dome and the nail. 

The Nail


Nail is the most significant part of the dab rig. It can be formed through the glass, and ceramic, or any quantity of other substance. Every substance has its advantages and disadvantages so make sure that you’ll find the one that works perfectly for you.

The nail is burnt basically with a blowlamp and then the dab rig of weed wax is used to the hot side where it immediately evaporates or it turns out to be smoke. The smoke can be cleared out towards the pipe just similar to a normal bong.

Some dab setbacks the methods and apply a firm bowl of glass to carry the wax and an empty metallic nail connected to the tubular. The empty metal nail is burnt and then utilized to the wax in the hard bowl. A sturdy inhalation may extract the smoke between the empty nail, across the water pipe, and through your lungs.

The Dome


The dome is a bit spherically common glass that suits across the nail to assist in containing the vaporized cannabis wax so that it will not drift off within space. The dome forms it probably to inhale the smoke and let you use not so much wax since you obtain more steam into your lungs.

List Of Cannabis Wax Products 

Berry White (Sugar Wax) 


Berry White is a hybrid dominant strain that is popular for its balanced impacts that provides calmness from anxiety and stress through a sense of cerebral and euphoria. Berry white brings relief from chronic pain, anxiety, headaches and insomnia plus it is perfect to use during nighttime to get your desired effects. 

King Louie XIII (Sugar Wax) 


King Louie XIII is a pleasant cannabis strain with a spicy and herbal scent. It is a cross between LA Confidential and OG Kush. This strain may bring effects of happiness, euphoria and it may ease the blow of chronic pain, depression and stress. It is best to use in the early evening, so that you can rest and sleep well.

Pineapple Express (Sugar Wax) 


Pineapple Express is an indica and sativa strain created by crossing the potent Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. This strain initiates a balance high along with full relaxation. Beginners and expert users alike are satisfied by the energizing and euphoric effects that Pineapple Express offers. Users also like the taste and scent – just like sweet pleasant pineapple. Medical cannabis users say that this strain brings relief from symptoms of stress, fatigue, chronic pain and depression. It is perfect to use in the early evening, so that you’ll be satisfied and rest with its effects.

Where To Buy Cannabis Wax?


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