The legalization of recreational and medical cannabis products was established last October 17, 2018. According to Health Canada, the utilization of cannabis was outlined for medical purposes the product includes fiber production, seed, and grain. You can find a cannabis dispensary in British Columbia that’s worth your trust. 

british columbia

british columbia

Furthermore, the Cannabis Act authorized the provinces and territories to command for the restrictions of the sales, cultivation, and utilization of the product. 

Green Serenity As A Cannabis Dispensary In British Columbia


Green Serenity is considered one of the most trusted cannabis dispensaries since it values the customer’s privacy and on-time delivery. Moreover, it offers different and exciting cannabis products. You can spice up your experience with the high-quality cannabis products available in Green Serenity. 


 As what others see in a business, GS values cannabis as passion and not as a business alone. The staff and workers are committed to providing excitement to their customers when utilizing the products—the reason why they become well-known because of their service.

How To Order Through Green Serenity?

Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity Logo


If it is your first time ordering through the online dispensaries, Green Serenity made sure to provide clear instructions when purchasing cannabis at their store. You can follow these simple steps when you’d like to get your premium products in their store. 

Step 1: Scroll

Find the products you would like to purchase in the store. You can choose from accessories, flowers, edibles, and other cannabis products. 

Step 2: Set Up Your Green Serenity Account

Are you done searching for your cannabis products? Keep them on your cart and start creating your account in their online store. 

Step 3: Settle Your Payment

If you are ready to check them out, make sure to settle your payment through Interac E-transfer. Once you have successfully paid for your products, you can wait for them to be delivered to your house. 

You don’t have to worry about the products since they are sealed securely, protecting your identity. 

Mail Order Marijuana (MOM)


As the popularity of cannabis reaches the other part of Canada and some parts of the world, there are ways to purchase cannabis legally. Unlike the usual transaction like meeting at street or physical stores, buying cannabis can be more convenient to the customers. You can find cannabis dispensaries in every corner. 


However, what is the big difference between buying in a local dispensary and a trustworthy online dispensary? Aside from the convenience that MOM gives to its customers, you can ensure that your cannabis products are legal. 

Available Products


What can you expect from Green Serenity? Since cannabis can be consumed in many different ways, you can choose from the following products:



Together with the popularity and various cannabis products, Green Serenity is the most trusted cannabis dispensary in British Columbia, providing customers with high-quality products and accessories. 

Furthermore, the Green Serenity dispensary protects the customer’s identity and other important details used when ordering. You can find lots of dispensaries, but few are trusted and gives you high-quality products.