New Brunswick

New Brunswick

Do you want a secure online cannabis dispensary in New Brunswick? In this article, you will find one of the most trusted cannabis dispensaries in New Brunswick. In this store, you can find several cannabis products like tinctures, accessories, edibles, extracts, flowers, topicals, and shrooms that contain high-quality content. 


Green Serenity upholds a great name in the cannabis industry. Take a look at the details below on why you should trust this online store. 

Is Cannabis Legal In New Brunswick?


Cannabis is prohibited from its use because of some adverse effects felt by the consumers after consuming it. However, some places around the globe still see the good effects of cannabis. 


Last 1997, the polls show that most Canadians voted for the legalization of cannabis products. Hence, the legalization of recreational cannabis was approved on October 17, 2018 by the federal government in New Brunswick.


The legalization of cannabis in Canada is called the “Cannabis Act, Bill C-45.” In this bill, each province of Canada allows individuals of legal age to buy and consume cannabis products. Moreover, the adults are privileged to purchase dried and fresh cannabis, seeds and plants, and oil. 

Who Can Consume? And Where?


Since cannabis was legalized in Canada and its other provinces, it allows a 19-year-old individual to cultivate, utilize, and buy from an online cannabis dispensary in New Brunswick. However, the consumption of the said product is only applicable in a private residence or a nearby province. It simply means that you can’t consume cannabis anywhere according to your will. 


Furthermore, the maximum consumption of cannabis is 30 grams. However, the landowners may prohibit tenants from cultivating cannabis plants if she/he wants to. Moreover, minors or underaged individuals are not allowed to consume any form of this product.


Why Do You Have To Buy Your Weed Online From Green Serenity?


Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity is one of Canada’s trustworthy online weed dispensaries. You can expect premium qualities of concentrates, accessories, and strains. We don’t consider this as business, but a passion that helps our fellowmen acquire high-quality cannabis products. 


At Green Serenity, the main purpose is to give customers an enjoyable and safe experience with high-quality cannabis at a low-cost price. And since ordering online can be an efficient way of purchasing the products, we offer door-to-door deliveries in New Brunswick for your convenience while protecting your identity.

Green Serenity As Your Cannabis Dispensary in New Brunswick


If you want to grab your affordable cannabis products, check out the most trusted Cannabis dispensary in New Brunswick


GS has committed employees that secure the cannabis products that you purchase are of good quality and safe to consume. We are dedicated to our customers’ well-being and satisfaction by ensuring the quality of our products.

How To Order In Green Serenity?


With the three easy steps, you can purchase your cannabis. You only have to follow these:

Step 1: Browse

Search for the products you want to order; you can choose from accessories, concentrates, and strains. Then, select the products and click the add to cart button.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

If you have found the perfect product that suits your needs, Green Serenity will require you to create your account. You can then check out your products after you are registered.

Step 3: Pay Securely

In paying your purchase, follow the directions given. Green Serenity accepts Interac E-transfer. When the payment is successfully transmitted, your products are ready to be shipped, and you can wait a couple of days for it to arrive.


  • Free Delivery.Green Serenity offers free shipping if your order reaches $149 or more. The products are safe and delivered on a specific day. 
  • Guarantee Secure Products. When ordering, the dispensary must protect the privacy of its customers. In Green Serenity, we value the security of the customers.
  • Price Match. We do not add any extra hidden fee when you check out. The prices in the store are the same when you add them to the cart and check out. We also offer our customers a sale to give them reasonable and affordable prices. 
  • Premium Quality. As one of the trusted dispensaries, we are committed to providing premium quality cannabis products to the individuals engaged in this industry.

What Are The Top Products?


Here are the top sellers of cannabis products.  


Level up your smoking with our potent collection of cannabis flowers. You can choose from the varieties of cannabis flowers in the store.


With cannabis extracts, you can intensify your session! Check the extracts section of our store to find different products. 


Edibles are one of the interesting products in the cannabis industry today. These edible products include CBD gummies, candies, chocolates, or juices. Although they may sound tasty, they can give you the hype you need. 


There are different kinds of tinctures that are believed to help in managing pains.


Topicals can be used to manage joint and muscle pain. 


Having a good accessory in smoking and vaping can add to your excitement and enjoyment. 




Cannabis has promising effects on some of its users. However, you cannot guarantee that the benefits they get are the same for you. Be mindful that your body may react differently to the cannabis component; and even experts can’t determine the effects on person-to-person due to lack of scientific studies.


Lack of scientific study is one reason why Cannabis is not legal in some places; however, Canada sees its benefits. Hence, in October 2018, the legalization of its use was approved. 


Nevertheless, even though it was legalized, there are still conditions that need to be followed in purchasing. Those who are of legal age can buy and cultivate cannabis. Online stores implement strict validation of age before allowing them to get their product. 


If you have tried consuming cannabis, purchasing can be easier since you can see lots of online dispensaries. One online cannabis dispensary that can be trusted is In this online store, you can find the high-quality products that you are looking for.