Cannabis legalization in some parts of the globe has brought significant business to other people. At this present time, there are numerous online cannabis dispensary in Northwest territories. However, some people are a bit doubtful if these cannabis dispensaries are legal and have high-quality material. Hence, this article will show you what cannabis store you should look for to ensure your product’s safety. 

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories

What Is Green Serenity?


Green Serenity is a trusted cannabis dispensary in Northwest Territories., one of Canada’s leading providers and most reputable mail order marijuana dispensary websites, guarantees you the top-quality concentrates, accessories, and strains accessible in the country.


Unlike other websites, marijuana is not just a business at Green Serenity; it is the passion to provide their customers good and premium quality cannabis products.’s committed workers have been at the leading edge of the medical and recreational marijuana industries. Moreover, maintains the highest standards for our goods and the dedication to the users. They have been known for giving premium quality products. 

Why You Should Choose Green Serenity?


Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity Logo

There are benefits that you can get if you choose Green Serenity.  

Free Delivery

Green Serenity provides free shipping on orders of $149 or more. We guarantee that your items will arrive on time and in good condition.

100% Secured

The privacy of the customers is one of the top priorities of this online dispensary. The security of every customer is never put at the risk. 

Price Match

There are instances or events when Green Serenity offers sales and discounts to the customers.

Premium Quality

Because our cannabis cultivating and handpicking are all examined by the professionals in the industry, Green Serenity guarantees to give the highest-quality cannabis products. 

Mail Order Marijuana (MOM)


Have you tried ordering marijuana through mail before? If this is your first time, you can trust that Green Serenity is the best cannabis dispensary in Northwest Territories with MOM.


Green Serenity offers Mail Order Marijuana in other places, including the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon Territory, and Nunavut.


New premium products are added every day and give your favorite cannabis products. We have provided same-day weed deliveries for how many years in this business industry. 

Available Products


There are different cannabis products that you can choose in Green Serenity, including the following:


It guarantees you that each product is made up of high-quality materials. Also, if you want wholesale products, there are products available for wholesale. 



Cannabis has been part of Canadian’s life and business industry. Since it became widely available, there is a cannabis dispensary in Northwest Territories that you should consider— the Green Serenity. 


Choosing your dispensary means trusting your identity within them. If you are looking for a trusted store, make sure that it values your privacy. Green Serenity holds an important place in the Northwest Territories dispensary. It becomes one of the trusted stores of the customers because it prioritizes the security and privacy of its users and customers. Also, it provides high-quality cannabis products.