Green Serenity is a premium and trusted cannabis dispensary in Nunavut. We share our passion by sourcing and dispensing the best flowers, edibles, extracts, topicals, tinctures, and accessories for you, your family, and your pets.



Tell us what you need. We got you covered with premium quality products and the best customer service experience. 

What Is Green Serenity?


Green Serenity is a cannabis dispensary, fully committed to our mission of providing Canadians premium quality marijuana products at the best prices with superior customer support. We offer the best strains, concentrates, and accessories to make it available for you. Moreover, all our products are tested to the highest standards according to the medical and recreational use of marijuana. 


As the most trusted cannabis dispensary in Nunavut, we are more than just a business. Marijuana is the passion and way of life of the dedicated people behind our brand. So, we eagerly work to adhere to the highest standards and deliver the most efficient service for our customers.

Why Order With Us?


Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity Logo

Looking for the most trusted cannabis dispensary in Nunavut? Look no further—we’re only a click away. Maximize your customer advantage by enjoying the following:


  • Free Delivery: We offer FREE express shipping for orders $149 and above.
  • 100% Secure: We value your privacy so we work hard not to compromise your security. Also, we use SSL certification for secure browsing. 
  • Price Match: To provide you quality products at reasonable prices, we slash off our prices regularly.
  • Premium Quality: Our products are handpicked, cultivated, and tested by experts in the industry.
  • Happy Hour Promos: We offer huge savings on premium quality items between 1-4 PM every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Wide Variety of Products: We have various flowers, tinctures, extracts, edibles, topicals, and CBD accessories you could choose from.
  • Referral Program: Refer to a friend and get 25% off.
  • Membership Discount: Get 10% off on your first order.
  • Safe and Easy Purchase: Add your chosen products to cart, register, check-out, pay securely, and track your orders.

Mail Order Marijuana (MOM)


Is it your first time ordering marijuana products? Check out We have a variety of products to suit your various needs.


Be a member of a trusted cannabis dispensary in Nunavut now. All you need is proof that you’re a Canadian resident and over 19 years old.


We deliver via Canada Post Express Shipping. Orders are expected to arrive within 2-3 days. For smaller towns with limited transportation, it will take 1-2 days longer. 


For payments, we only accept Interac email transfer payments. Sadly, we do not accept payment through PayPal or credit cards as of now.


We continue to grow our collection to cater to your growing needs. Being run by previous forefronts in the medical and recreational marijuana industry, we surely offer you the best cannabis products coupled with amazing discounts and easy purchase. 



Purchase now and harness the benefits of Mother Earth’s gift to humanity. Green Serenity.Co, the trusted cannabis dispensary in Nunavut made it easy for you. 


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