Cannabis dispensary in Quebec

A cannabis dispensary in Quebec

Are you trying to find the most reliable cannabis dispensary in Quebec? Green Serenity is a great shop to order your cannabis online in Quebec. We have all of your ideal weed products with quality standards as we are one of the trustworthy dispensaries in Canada.  


You can choose any type of cannabis product from our stores, such as extracts, skunks, resins, vapes, edibles, and much more. Furthermore, Green Serenity offers affordable cannabis from our local partner growers without adjusting the standard, and you can purchase from us with 100% assured satisfaction. 


We are a reputable cannabis dispensary in Quebec, serving our clients for many years. 

Cannabis Dispensary In Quebec


It might be challenging to look for a trusted and quality dispensary in Quebec. But don’t worry; Green Serenity can help! We are one of the dispensaries that serve in Quebec and all over Canada. Also, we have many years of experience in the cannabis industry, and we understand better the needs of every weed user. 


Quebec is mostly a french-speaking district on the east side of Canada with two lively metropolises in its south, attached with the Chemin du Roy highway together with the Saint Lawrence River. Additionally, Quebec is famous for its huge population in french-speaking, while being enclosed by abundant English speakers, the US and Canada. 


Most tourists have experienced Quebec along with Quebec City and Montreal, but far from the cruise ships and city lights. Furthermore, Quebec is thrice the size of France, but is crowded by just 8 million residents, and half of them are living in Quebec City and Montreal.


While strolling around the city, you can indulge in your favorite weed strains. So, stock up some of your preferred marijuana products, including topicals, edibles, or budder. We will deliver it immediately and safely to any place in Quebec. We will ensure your orders will ship to you on time without any trouble!

Why Choose Us?

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Broad Choices And Quality Products


Green Serenity takes one of the broadest choices of cannabis online. We get the best weed products from skilled growers of strains. Some of the famous cannabis products we have are CBD capsules, resins, shatters, pre-rolled joints, and much more. You can guarantee all our products are high-grade and affordable. 

Trusted And Quick Delivery


We’re proud of ourselves for the quickness and reliability of our delivery. We use secure packaging, and all orders are accompanied by a tracking number, which we provide through email after shipment. You can ensure that your weed will arrive at you on time and discreetly. 

Excellent Customer Service


To all concerns and questions that our customers need us to address, we have 24/7 customer service that is ready to serve you. We are able to answer all of your queries and help you choose what strains are good for you. 

Discreet Encrypted Transactions


When you purchase from us, we assure that your personal data are secure and hidden. We want to guarantee you that everything you provide to us, including your ID and address, will be protected. 

Dependable Online Weed Delivery Service In Quebec


Cannabis dispensary in Quebec

Cannabis dispensary in Quebec

We have exceptional accessories, concentrates, edibles, and flowers. Our products are getting bigger constantly, so check our site always. And if you can’t find the one you desire, feel free to email us. Green Serenity is your high-end source for mail-order marijuana by offering a great client experience and delivering excellent products. 


Apart from that, you can get the best deals when you purchase from our dispensary. We can 100% guarantee the quality of our products come from trusted local growers. 


We have been in the industry for a long time and fall on the list of the best cannabis dispensaries in Quebec with tons of customer feedback and reviews. Now, you can order weed online safely, securely, and easily!

List Of Premium And Affordable Cannabis Products

  • Hindu Kush Popcorn – INDICA – AAA


Hindu Kush Popcorn is an Indica strain that is used to manage anxieties, depression and improves sleep. Its effect can make you feel relaxed, sleepy, and happy. 

  • Blue Rhino Popcorn – HYBRID – AAA


Blue Rhino Popcorn is famous for its combination of uplifting effects. Its effects can make you feel energized, euphoric, and calm. 

  • Cookies – Sativa – AAAA (Shatter)


Cookies is a Sativa strain that is used to cope up with stress, pain, and anxieties. Its effects can make you feel uplifted, happy, and relaxed.

  • White Death – Hybrid – (Diamond Extracts)


White Death is a Hybrid strain that is created by crossing Death Bubba and White Widow. It is strongly suggested for heavy smokers. Moreover, its effects can leave you sedated and relaxed.


At Green Serenity, you can find your favorite strains! We have a wide range of choices to choose from. We also have the best possible costs for cannabis products that are surely worth spending money on. 



Whether you’re searching for recreational or medical cannabis, finding a trusted cannabis dispensary is always important. Since there are many dispensaries out there that sell low-quality weeds, it became quite difficult to find one that is trustworthy.


Before buying weed, there are a lot of factors that you first ought to consider. These factors include the quality of the products, delivery, cost, and the origin of the cannabis. So, if you want to get the premium weed, you must also spend for the premium price. Also, make sure the product you’re buying has passed the standard assurance test so that you can guarantee it is safe. 


At Green Serenity, we believe that all people deserve the right to choose with their desired strains. They have the right to fair, honest, and equal access to economic cost, high-quality marijuana. 


With many years of experience in the weed industry, we are competent enough to fulfill the needs of our customers by producing quality cannabis. 


We work hard to provide our consumers the best experience that they deserve. So, what are you waiting for? Get your favorite weed strains at the most reliable cannabis dispensary in Quebec