Yukon Territory

Yukon Territory

When looking for the best cannabis dispensary in Yukon Territory, you should consider the range, variety, and quality of the products they sell. Luckily, we offer quality products for you—from edibles, extract, flowers, tinctures, and many more. 


Furthermore, we provide the best flash sales and promos with the best quality that can be found in the industry. We offer a wide variety of your needs and that of your pet. Also, we make sure to give only the best and nothing less of the premium standard. 


There is no need to compromise quality and quantity because we believe that both are equally important. In Green Serenity, we offer both for an accessible price that will leave you wanting more. Also, ordering is made easier for you without any hassle. This is why we are the country’s top-quality cannabis dispensary in Yukon Territory

What To Know


Looking for high-grade edibles, extracts, flowers, tinctures, accessories, topicals, and even for your fur babies can just be a click away from you. We value each customer with the utmost care through only choosing the best by our team’s experts and safely packaging each order. This will maintain its freshness and keep it in perfect condition until it reaches your doorstep.


We are the top cannabis dispensary in Yukon Territory that guarantees only the best. What we offer is experience through our many products, and we hope that our passion can be reflected when you receive and consume our product. Also, our goal is to have our dedication in building this brand be reflected in our products and our services in helping each user—may it be for medicinal or recreational use—to find comfort and for our passion to be felt. 


A cannabis dispensary in Yukon Territory should only deliver the best and premium quality there is, and we ought to exceed your expectations with our products. With a click on our website, we have online customer service available and waiting to communicate with you on questions you have regarding your purchase and other inquiries you may have while shopping. Because we are the best cannabis dispensary in Yukon Territory, we want to make your purchase easier and more convenient. 

Why Do You To Purchase At Green Serenity

Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity Logo

With a few clicks, you can purchase anything that you desire, and it’s that easy and quick. Not only is it easy to order, but you are also getting the best products in the country. Through our many promos and sales, you can easily acquire the best within your set budget. Moreover, you can get so much for a reasonable price and even have your orders shipped to you for free when you exceed $149. 


In Green Serenity, we sell unforgettable experiences for every use and consumption of each of our products. By making sure we use only top-grade resources, we guarantee that you will want more of what we can offer. By having access to our website, with just a few clicks, you can have the top-grade products we offer for a reasonable price without breaking the bank and compromising the quality of your needs.