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All you need to know about weed dispensary Canada

weed dispensary Canada

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Marijuana

A legal dispensary to buy weed? Yes, you have heard it right. With the recent legalization drives in the USA and Canada, cannabis dispensaries have been mushrooming across the two countries. A weed dispensary is basically a licensed store that sells a variety of marijuana products for both medicinal as well as therapeutic practices.

Whether you are looking for some top-quality pot to heal your medical symptoms or just to get high and have fun with your friends, licensed weed dispensaries are the safest and most trusted sources to buy from. Since the passing of the 2018 Cannabis Act in the Canadian parliament, there has been a rapid growth of the culture of weed dispensary Canada which was never witnessed before. However, there is still much confusion about the cannabis dispensaries among the users, especially among the first time marijuana buyers or older consumers who, until now, used to depend on the illicit street dealers for their supply.

Keep reading this article to get a fair understanding of the different types of weed dispensaries in Canada and how they work. Follow our guidelines to find out the best dispensary for you and order your favorite cannabis products.

What is a weed dispensary?

A cannabis dispensary or is a legal and licensed business that sales various cannabis products. They can be both physical brick-and-mortar stores or online mail-order services. Never confuse them with the shady operations run by your local illicit street dealers. Normally a weed dispensary Canada is a modern, well-lit, clean shop where you’ll be absolutely comfortable in buying your stash.

In Canada, one can find a rising number of reputed government-run as well as private dispensaries who sell a variety of marijuana products to their customers. Many of the dispensaries offer a highly efficient and secure mail-order marijuana services which have become extremely popular with the Canadian cannabis users nowadays.

What products are sold in a weed dispensary?

In terms of the variety of the products, no one can beat the legal weed dispensaries. Starting from the high quality flowers of different potent and popular strains to seeds, various cannabinoid extracts and concentrates – a weed dispensary Canada sells a range of products with varying amounts of THC, CBD, and terpenes in them.

From October 2019, new cannabis regulations of Canada have lifted the earlier ban on the sale of marijuana extracts and edibles. This means that you can now get a variety of gummies, candies, topicals, sprays, tinctures and vaping devices at the weed dispensaries.

Who can buy from the weed dispensaries?

Technically, anybody can purchase any marijuana product from a weed dispensary Canada as long as they are of the legal age. Remember that though the Canadian federal laws have legalized the consumption of marijuana, the provinces and territories are free to enact their own regulations to control the sale and use of weed within their jurisdictions.

This means that the legal age for cannabis consumption varies between 18 and 19 according to the provinces. Also, each province has its own list of brick-and-mortar and online weed dispensaries who are permitted to see pot within the province.

Do I need a medical prescription to buy from a weed dispensary?

This particular confusion arises from the name dispensary itself. In some states of the US, to buy weed from a legal marijuana dispensary you do need to produce a certificate of recommendation from a doctor or a healthcare practitioner. But following the Cannabis Act of 2018, recreational consumption of marijuana is perfectly legal. This means that you don’t need any medical prescription or recommendation whatsoever to buy marijuana from a weed dispensary Canada.

Any dispensary, whether physical or online, are expected to sell to you if you have a valid age proof. However, the medical marijuana program of Canada provides some unique benefits to the users like discounted prices and possession limits exceeding 30 gms. To avail of these benefits, you are required to register yourself as a marijuana patient with the government and get a medical marijuana card.

How much marijuana can you buy from a dispensary?

If you are not a registered medical marijuana patient, there are strict possession limits that you have to follow if you want to avoid trouble from the law agencies. According to the federal government, the current possession limits for various types of cannabis products are:

• Dried cannabis – 30 gms
• Fresh cannabis – 150 gms
• Edibles – 450 gms
• Seeds – 30
• Concentrates (both solid and liquid) – 7.5 gms
• Liquid cannabis – 2100 gms

Consult the budtenders to find out the most suitable product

Visiting a weed dispensary can be a little overwhelming and intimidating for the first time. You can get easily confused by the variety of strains with their typically grandiose names and varying cannabinoid and terpene profiles, or the different types of cannabis products like buds, edibles, vapes, concentrates to choose from.

Usually, reputed businesses have experienced and knowledgeable budtenders who will guide you through the products, their unique effects and prices. Don’t be afraid, ask a lot of questions. The budtenders are there to help you find out what is best for you based on your unique needs, health condition and budget.

Know your product well

Always know your weed well before you purchase it. Check its THC and CBD listings, terpene profile, consult with the dispensary budtenders or managers to fully understand the entourage effect that they produce. It is important to know about where a dispensary gets its weed from, the process of cultivation and the quality-control mechanisms followed by the producers so that you can ensure you are buying only pure products, free of other toxic contaminants.

Online weed dispensaries in Canada, nowadays, provide some unique advantages over the old school brick-and-mortar cannabis stores in your locality. They usually offer special sales and discount prices throughout the year, a huge range of products, discreet and safe mail order services and completely trustworthy e-payments options that are hard to find in most of the physical dispensaries. Also, there are localities where you just don’t have a brick-and-mortar weed dispensary nearby. No need to worry, online dispensaries will deliver your choice of pot to your doorstep.