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Best shatter deals online – where to get them?

Best shatter deals online

In recent times, good quality shatters have emerged as one of the most popular cannabis concentrates in the global market. A relatively new invention, this hard, translucent pure marijuana extract is considered to be the future of cannabis consumption. Also known as the shatter weed, shatter wax, or marijuana shatter, marijuana aficionados all over the world are fast becoming obsessed with this cannabis concentrate.

Since Cannabis 2.0 laws have legalized the sale of cannabis concentrates and edibles in last October, the demand for premium quality shatters has been skyrocketing in Canada. The reputed online weed dispensaries in the country are now offering some of the best shatter deals for their customers. If you go by the numerous market survey reports, right now cannabis concentrates are the fastest growing sector of the Canadian marijuana industry. It turns out some of the purest and top-rated shatter weed of the world. In this post, we bring you the best of the best shatter products that are available online. But before we introduce you to one of the best shatter deals online, let’s first understand what marijuana shatter is and how it works.

What is shatter?


Shatter is basically a hard and brittle glass-like cannabis concentrate that usually comes with a bright golden or amber color. It is manufactured by blasting the best quality marijuana flowers with a chemical solvent like butane, isopropyl, hexane or CO2. The resultant shatter oil is then cured of the solvent and given the hard and translucent texture by using heat and vacuum. It is this highly breakable, glass-like quality of the concentrate that has earned it the name shatter.

How is shatter different from other cannabis concentrates?


Apart from physical distinctions, shatter differs from other types of cannabis concentrates in terms of potency as well. The strongest shatters can have a THC content of 80-90%. This means that they are at least five times more potent than regular marijuana buds. It is much more powerful than the regular hash oils sold in the market. The advantage of using a concentrate that has such high levels of THC – the main psychoactive compound of marijuana – is that you’ll need very little to get super high. You will feel the effects fast and they will last for hours. That is why it is very easy to microdose with shatter and this makes it a perfect choice for medical marijuana patients.

How to consume shatter?


Shatter is typically used by heating it and then inhaling the smoke or the vapor. You can smoke it in a joint but that would be a caveman’s way of consuming a precious product as the connoisseurs would argue. The recommended way of consuming shatter is to ‘dab’ it with a bong or a water pipe. This is the best way to experience the aroma and the flavor of your shatter which has a distinctive terpene-rich profile.

Alternatively, you can vape it using a variety of vape pens or vaporizer devices that are designed for that purpose.

Best shatter deals online


There are now many weed dispensaries in Canada that sell a variety of top-graded shatters at some amazing prices. The Green Serenity – a leading Canadian mail-order marijuana services with an experience of 15 years in the cannabis industry – has brought one of the best shatter deals online for their customers. Here are the best shatter weeds from the top-class marijuana concentrate makers for you:

This pure marijuana shatter is an extract from the famous sativa-hybrid (70%) strain Love Potion #1. This extremely potent strain was crossbred from G13 and different Colombian Gold strains by the extremely reputed seed grower Reeferman Seeds. The strain has a high THC content of about 15-18% and terpenes like Caryophyllene and Limonene. This unique terpene profile of the strain gives it, and the shatter too, a brilliant lemony yet skunky aroma and flavor. The terpenes, along with the high THC level, also act as effective stress and anxiety reliever. Besides that, the shatter is also very useful to combat chronic fatigue, depression, nausea and loss of appetite. Available in 1g and 3.5 g packs, Love Potion #1 shatter will cost you $24.50-$70.00 on the Green Serenity website.

Pineapple Express is an amazing sativa-dominant strain (60% sativa and 40% indica) that is bred by mixing Trainwreck and Haiiwan strains. With an average 14-19% THC, this is a very potent strain that can be easily identified by a fruity smell resembling apples and mangoes. The shatter has an amazing flavor as well which will remind you of pineapple, cedar and pine forests. It has a Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Pinene rich terpene profile. The shatter will make you happy, euphoric and highly creative. Pineapple Express shatter is available in 1 and 3.5g packs which will cost you $35-$70.

An indica-heavy strain that has been extremely popular since the 1990s, Purple Urkle is believed to be originated from the landraces of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Easily identified by its berry flavor and purple-colored buds, the strain has an average THC content of 13-18%. It has a unique sweet and skunky scent. Purple Urkle has high levels of Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Pinene among other terpenes making it very soothing and sedating. The shatter is a favorite of medical patients suffering from insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea and a few other health conditions. The shatter is ideal for nighttime use. 1g and 3.5g packs will cost you $24.50 and $70 respectively.

Get any of these best shatter deals from the Green Serenity and you will earn lots of reward points. These top-quality shatter waxes will give you the best THC highs of your life. Choose any of them and the dispensary will deliver your order to your doorstep with utmost safety and discreetness. Why wait then? Order now and enjoy!