Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Tired of looking for the best and the most trusted cannabis dispensary in Nova Scotia? Worry no more, for we got you. This article will offer you the best cannabis dispensaries in Nova Scotia that provide excellent quality products, great value, and satisfactory customer service. 


However, along with the information included in this article, there are admonishments that will deem you accountable. Nevertheless, you will be issued with exceeding information for you to grasp everything about the most trusted cannabis dispensary in Nova Scotia: Green Serenity. In this dispensary, cannabis products are produced in premium quality and are carefully manufactured for you to pick and satiate your cannabis needs.

Cannabis Laws in Nova Scotia


Before buying any form of cannabis, you need to know if your place has federally legalized the use of it. In Nova Scotia, the federal regulation for legally selling and producing edible extracts, cannabis, and topicals was authorized on October 17, 2019. Furthermore, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NLSC) currently has 52 strains and will be gradually added. 


If you want to acquire cannabis, you must be at least 19 years of age. When you are 19, you can buy, use, possess, or grow cannabis products in any form in Nova Scotia. However, if you bought or used any cannabis product when you are below the age of 19, you can face criminal charges or be fined with the amount of $150. Your parents or guardian will be notified by your action and a restorative justice program may be done.


On the other hand, if you are under 18 and are possessing more than five grams of cannabis, that is considered a criminal offense. You may even be prosecuted. If you are over the age of 18 yet possess over 30 grams of cannabis, you have committed a criminal offence under the Cannabis Act of Nova Scotia. And if you sell or let someone who is under 19 use any form of cannabis, or involve them in any cannabis related act, you will be given a fine of up to $10,000.

Where Can You Use It?


In Nova Scotia, you can freely use cannabis in the privacy of your own home. However, if you are renting, the landlord can make some rules when it comes to the usage of cannabis in the area. 


Do remember to avoid using any cannabis in the Smoke-free Places Act. You can be fined for up to $2,000 as a violation. Further restrictions might be added by the municipality, so keep an eye on your local bylaws. 

Can You Drive With Cannabis?


If you are planning to transport cannabis in any form, you should keep it firmly sealed and out of reach from anyone. This is like the rules with alcohol, you can be fined up to $2,000 for not storing it properly. 


In addition, you are not also allowed to drive under the influence of cannabis, may you be a driver or a passenger. You will be charged $2,000 as a penalty.

What is Green Serenity?

Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity Logo

Green Serenity is one of Canada’s natural sourced premier and their website is known as the most trusted mail order cannabis dispensary. They are guaranteed to provide you with the best accessories, concentrates, and strains made accessible in your country. Furthermore, they offer various high-quality Cannabis products, such as flowers, extracts, edibles, tinctures, topicals, CBD, accessories, and pets—which are carefully selected to suit your every need. 


In addition, Green Serenity holds the highest standards for their products and commitment to their customers. They see to it that you will be provided with the best prices, satisfactory customer support, and only the premium quality cannabis products.

Why Should You Order From Green Serenity?

buy weed online

buy weed online


Being one of the most trusted cannabis dispensaries in Nova Scotia, Green Serenity has various benefits you can gain from. Examples of these are:

  • Free Delivery


Green Serenity offers free shipping if you order $149 and above amount of products. They make sure you get your goodies on time, safe and secured.

  • 100% Secured


Rest assured that your privacy will be hidden in the dark for their topmost priority is the privacy of their customers. Do not worry of having a feeling that your security will be compromised once you enter your details.

  • Premium Quality


Green Serenity is one of those who offers only the premium quality cannabis products. Their products are tested, cultivated, and handpicked by the top experts in the industry.

  • Price Match


Cutting off prices is regularly done on their website. Furthermore, they regularly offer discounts, providing you with reasonable prices available in the industry. 

  • Happy Hours & Promos


Between every 1-4 PM (BC Time) of Wednesdays and Sundays, be sure to check You will surely enjoy the huge discounts on their premium selected products.

  • $25 Free


Get to have $25 store credit when you refer a friend. You can only gain this said benefit after your referred friend made his first purchase on their website.

  • Shop List


In, you can get various high quality products that are worth what you paid for. Here are the following products you can purchase on their website:

  • Flower


They offer chilly or humid collection of marijuana available like:

  • AAAA
  • AAA
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Balanced-Hybrid

  • Extracts


They have highly potent cannabis products that elevate your weed experience. Some of them are:

  • Budder
  • Diamonds
  • Distillates
  • Live Resin
  • Oils
  • Shatter

  • Edibles


Made with the top ingredients and concentrates, their edibles are great and tasty.The shop has cannabis infused products, such as:

  • Candies
  • Gummies

  • Accessories


Green Serenity provides a 5-star experience when it comes to cannabis. They provide accessories for you to relish the extracts of CBD and the natural flavors of the marijuana flowers, too.

  • Pipes
  • Trays
  • Grinders

They also offer various CBDs, topicals, and shrooms. Aside from that, they also show you what products are currently out of stock.



Recreational use is not mainly the reason why cannabis is federally legalized in some states, like Nova Scotia. In fact, they are to be used for medical purposes. Although it is meant to do good, some people can actually take advantage of cannabis legalization and abuse it. That is why there are only a few states who legalized this, and only a few products have been proven by the FDA. 


Nevertheless, if you are looking for the most trusted Cannabis Dispensary in Nova Scotia whose products are safe and FDA approved, you can give a visit. They offer high quality products at best prices and superior customer support.